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Monday, February 27, 2012

A week and a half

That's the time we have before we have to have the garage cleared of stuff.   This morning I spent clearing the top part of the pantry and calling about the garage to try and get things sorted.   A bit of jumping up and down (while being polite) has got results.  We had a visit from the contractor to look at the garage, confirmed that they won't take all of Thomas' junk away so we're going to have to do that.   I'd expected that anyway; Thomas hadn't.   So that leaves us with just over a week to clear things out of the garage, get as much as we can to the storage unit and the rest to the dump.  The contractor has offered to loan me his trailer to get stuff to the dump which is very nice of him.    The first day there won't be any destruction going on, but there will be a big trench across the drive and no power to the house (or phone).
The contractor asked if we wanted to keep anything from the building such as roofing iron so I've asked for enough to roof the boys playhut and one of the light fittings for FIL.

So, the next wee bit will be pretty busy without much crafting.  I'll still work on George's vest though as it's a test knit on a time frame, but all else will be on hold including my sewing, aside from on the no-power day when I might do hand-sewing and some spinning.  It's going to seem strange not having a garage though; it's been there so long!   Hoping I do get the chance to finish cleaning out the pantry though, might list a few things on Trademe from the kitchen as we've got stuff we never use.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope it all goes smoothly for you - I've really got to do some decluttering in my little corner of the world

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