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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Sewing for the men in the house

Well, two of them anyway; youngest doesn't need anything atm.

Trousers for eldest in a merino french terry.

Cargo pants for Dh; didn't have enough of the corduroy to cut them out without some colourblocking.

More cargo pants for Dh in corduroy again.

Business shirt for Dh in a stretch cotton, with perfectly matched pockets.

A Twig and Tale face mask with elastic around the head; not too bad a fit.
I've also started work on Gran's chair, the horsehair thing has been ditched, tried carding it and failed.  I don't have the equipment to do it properly so going with sheeps wool and hand carding.
I'm now 2/3 of the way through and it's looking good!

Friday, April 03, 2020

More lockdown sewing

After the last pattern that has now been biffed I decided to sew something that I was pretty sure would work well.  I've had success with Jalie patterns in the past so went with Jalie 2788.  I was so sure I'd like it that I cut it out in 2 different fabrics that I love!  Fabric 1 was from deep stash and was a polyester burn out fabric.  Fabric 2 was far more recent and was a custom dyed merino/nylon.

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Now these two fit well; I made adjustments to the long sleeved version to take it from 3/4 to long sleeved and made the back neck high; the original pattern is only a deep V which isn't ideal for winter.   I'm super happy with these and can't wait to wear them.  The instructions are a little sparse, they expect you to have some sewing experience already I think.

I also made a pair of workout capris; the pattern for that was 5004's Candy leggings, but I'm not keen on the fit; I got camel toe and lots of wrinkling at the back.  I've fixed the camel toe by scooping out the front rise a bit; but I think the wrinkles might be due to a low rear end so I'm going to have to think about that one.   Still have a Jalie pattern to try out for capris; otherwise I'll take a pattern off my commercial ones that are almost dead.

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