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Friday, December 02, 2016

Busy time of year

Next week is the last week of school for youngest, trying to fit in various appointments, without success in most cases.  It means for one I'm taking youngest with the iPad, another has mum looking after him, and another will have my Mother In Law looking after him and the final one will have Dh working from home, none of these appointments could be made for next week unfortunately.
I do have a couple next week though, starting the Alexander Technique which I'm hoping will help correct my posture and maybe help with the pain issues and the first part of getting the crown sorted for my tooth and 2 silver fillings removed.  The rest of the silver will have to wait till I've sorted this pain issue as the money for the rest of the Alexander Technique will be coming out of my spending money.

In good news I've finished a few things, for a start my Pravda Jersey which is currently sitting on the lounge floor blocking
no doubt it'll be dry when it warms up too much to wear it
I also finished the quilted placemats for the teachers and teacher aides in youngest's special needs class.
All from stash, nothing new bought at all and the staff at the unit loved them!  We kept the one in the main pic and the one 3rd from left on the bottom row.
And finally, one more thing I thought you'd like, a video I found on Facebook for a stretchy cast off method

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