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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Working day

Spent most of yesterday working hard. Had to go and do a drop off and pick up at work, got some Magnesium supplements to help with sleeping and got some milk. Also took the boys to the park for a while.
When we got home I cleared the lawn of peaches and mowed it, then we make ginger fudge cake (yet to ice) and gingerbread; yum!
Downside, both boys had icky poos in the evening though so I have to make a doctors appointment today as it's been going on for a while. DH and I have been having issues too, but I have issues fairly often anyway so just thought it was getting worse. Looks like maybe it's been having some help from some unknown organism. George has swimming next week so we need to get it sorted quickly!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Long weekend, lots done!

A very busy weekend, most of it was spent in the sewing room after DH's using all of the last few weekends on his projects.
Started off by making a lion with George (well, mostly me, but he wanted to help).

I also ordered a book on using my new loom, a couple of knitting books, some bamboo dpn's and a bolt of silk kimono fabric which cost me $29 US. I'm so looking forward to that arriving. No more spending for a while though aside from necessities like supplements.

I made 3 bags, 2 of them are for a swap on TNN though so I can't post pics here yet. I only needed to make one, but I had some fabric that screamed it was for the lady's daughter so a second one was done. I did one shopping bag for me out of some fabric left over from a dress I made a wee while back.

I've also made 4 pairs of trousers for George for school, took the basic Kwik-Sew pattern from the Childrens book and adapted it to be very similar to the bought ones. I'm keeping 2 aside which will be for if he ruins some or else for Ian when he starts. I'm quite pleased with these as they look great!

After I'd finished these I had just enough time to make the frontage for our wood shed so the weather can't get in. The fabric was bought from Hollingsworth agencies for $6pm +gst. It's 100% polyester waterproof, non-breathable. It's stapled at the top, and the hem has a wood insert for weight. Looks really good!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A long weekend

And I don't mean the one coming up! The weekend just gone was only 2 days, but seemed much longer. DH spent most of both days in the garage with his sister working on his gaming boards. I ended up doing cleaning, tidying, lawnmowing, peach drying and kidwrangling. He's almost done and has promised me most of the long weekend for sewing etc. I will take some time off for the family, but I'm drooling over the promises of uninterrupted sewing and knitting.
I want to make a couple of pairs of trousers for George for school as well as a bag and some pj's for both boys. Would also be nice to get some more knitting done on Ian's jersey.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A productive day

Spent the morning taking photo's of my wool stash to load on Ravelry. Still have a fair way to go, but all the cotton, bamboo and mohair yarn is ready to load (after editing the photo's for easy loading). Afternoon was spent vacuuming after youngest to remove all the sand he was traipsing through the house, as well as getting dinner ready. We had roast duck and I put one of our peaches in the stuffing; yummo!
I also managed to get in some Kool Aid dying. I now have 2 200g 14ply (bulky) skeins of orange, yellow and lime. Not sure what I'll make with it, but it's rather nice and currently dripping onto the lawn. I'll have to bring it in soon so it doesn't get covered in dew. Here's a photo, there'll be another when I get around to turning it into something.

I've also lanolised the shorties that Mira made for me; George has laid claim to them and didn't even want to wait for them to dry!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peach Jam

Our black boy peach has been dropping it's annual bounty on the lawn; we've had a lot of brown rot on them this year so not so many to use. I've been adding a lot to the compost (not sure if I should be or not), the good ones I've tried peach roll ups, but need a little practice at this as I've never used the dehydrator before. Will do some more in the next few days. I also decided to do some jam, the last time I did preserves was when we moved in, about 7 years ago and some of them are still in the cupboard, not much point doing more. Jam, on the other hand will get eaten! I got 7 jars, one in the fridge the rest in the cupboard for later along with the strawberry jam I did earlier in the season.
The next thing to try will be dried peaches, looking forward to trying that. I figure I can use some in stews and things to add some sweetness with a little bite.

I'm not getting much sewing done atm as DH is spending all his time in the garage working on gaming boards for Easter's wargaming competition. I'll be glad when he finishes so I can do some sewing. All I've managed to accomplish in the last few days is to add to my sewing to-do list and also to add to my mending list and my knitting list. I have today wound 5 skeins of yarn into balls so far; still several to go!

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