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Sunday, October 29, 2017

October sewing - lots of it!

I did a huge cut out session at the beginning of the month for almost everyone in the family; much of it is from very deep stash, some of it very precious too.
Some of the photos aren't great, unfortunately I seem to be the only one in the family who can get my cell phone camera to focus correctly!
T-shirt and shorts for youngest.  The t-shirt is fairly new stash, probably only a couple of months old, the shorts are from deep enough stash that it's probably as old as the kid wearing it.  Patterns were 11th Hour Gear T from New Horizons Designs and a Burda shorts pattern (mens size); 1m of each fabric

Laneway Dress take 2, fits much better but it hasn't been warm enough to wear.  3m of month old stash, super special!

A sweatshirt using Burda 6602 for youngest, fabric is terry sweatshirting (cotton) and once again very deep stash; 1.6m used

Peached poly or tencel, not sure which.  Very deep stash again and I used Simplicity 2058 using 3m

Detail of the stitch pattern on the waist and hem; love this.

This is the Merryweather Dress from Stitch Upon A Time Patterns, using a stretch fabric, probably cotton from deep stash.  2.5m total used.

Vest for youngest using precious Malden Mills fleece from deep stash, total of 1.25m using 2 colours since I didn't have enough of either.  Pattern is New Look 6251

despite the expression he loves it.

and for elder brother we have the same pattern in a different polar fleece from deep stash, don't think this is MM though.  He's been wearing it ever since it came off the machine.  Also 1.25m used.

And my version of the same pattern again, mine has sleeves and is using deep stash precious Malden Mills fleece too.

And last but not least 3m of merino from younger stash went into the Wrapped Cardigan from Seamly Patterns (only available through
I'm also working on a wheat bag for my neck, but I've run out of the filling so no photo of that till later.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I'm still here!

I've been busy though, lots of sewing which will be in one big post once it's all finished later this week; certainly by the end of the month.  So far I've done 2 dresses, 1 skirt, shorts and t-shirt for youngest and almost finished 2 vests for the boys.  I've also cut out a polarfleece jacket and a merino draped cardi for me.
There's been spinning too, my project for the Advanced Spinning Group is complete and drying on the line.
Weaving - partway through winding a warp for a mat
Knitting - past the heel on the second sock and have just finished the yoke on my cardigan.

I will post photos when I've got it all ready to go but thought I'd better let you know I'm still here.  Trying to work out what to do for school teacher presents too, set a bad precedent over the last 2 years so this year despite the surgery coming up I've got to do something, unfortunately I'm getting no ideas what!

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