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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Small post

Not much going on atm. I've been knitting a jersey for George for school in the round and still working on the scarf for me. Ordered more wool and several books about knitting and have now put away the credit card. I am now concentrating on paying that off, once it's paid off I have several things I need to save for:
New spinning wheel
Benchtop mixer
New flooring for bathroom
Heater for boys room and our room

Other than that I also have to order fabric for school uniforms and pay for my spinning guild membership. I love spinning so that's a must! Would have been easier if my pay had worked out correctly, but my holiday pay didn't go in and I'm not sure if my boss can fix it for this week. Will find out tomorrow. I only have stuff on one co-op atm which is good, once that's paid for I'll close them all down for a while; after all it's not like I need any more fabric, lol! Don't need anymore wool either now (have enough sock wool now and ordered some 2ply cashmere). Have enough fibre for a short while, including some Romney that the guild sold me for 50 cents! It's a bit coarse, but will make a lovely bag. Once I've finished spinning up my current lot of fibre that'll be the next one; at that price it doesn't matter if its' not quite perfect.

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