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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Been busy

 We've been keeping busy, working in the garden and getting ready for the repairs on the neighbour's garage which will hopefully happen this week or early next week.  In the meantime we've got the first coat of fence colour up which is looking good; photos will come after coat 2 is done.  As well as that I've been on the Xbox, spinning, knitting and sewing.  Eldest now has a couple more pairs of trousers, but still no job.

I'm still working on my health, the dizzy turns have come back, they only last a moment and don't really affect what I can do, but they do not feel good!  I'm not sure what they are, but at the moment I'm leaning towards food or supplement related.  I did get glutened at the end of May, but I also re-started my liver support formula around the same time so I've cleaned up my diet again and have stopped the liver support as of today; fingers are crossed that it clears up again.

Today I put together a flat pack, just a little one which I'm using to keep all my knitting WIPs in, really happy with how it turned out and it means I can start tidying up our wardrobe now.  Eventually I'm planning on putting in a wardrobe organiser as it's currently a bit of a mess.  It's a traditional 1980's wardrobe, so shelf on top of a lengthwise pole for hanging garments.  Very hard to organise in any meaningful way.

This is the new piece of furniture, and my basket for guild is on top.  Much nicer than hanging around the wardrobe floor!
I've also started a new spinning project, quite a few years ago I dyed some fibre and I decided it was time to spin one lot up.
99% sure this is merino, sold by what was Tai Tapu Wool Carders, very deep and moody and totally different from what I normally go for, but I'm loving it so far.

Finally, a bit about the kids.  Eldest is still not working, though he has applied for a couple of jobs last week, fingers are crossed.  He needs to be doing something aside from staying home and having money would be nice for him too.  He is still doing his deliveries while he looks for full time work though so at least he's earning a smidge of money.  Youngest is doing quite well at school, mainstream science is going well and today he got player of the day at soccer at school.  He did some floristry last week too, I was very impressed at what he brought home.
It's very well done and lasting well too, looks almost as good today as when it arrived last week.

Time to go, I need to get Lara Croft sorted on the Xbox and maybe do some knitting on Dh's jersey too.  Putting it off a bit, it might be thicker wool, but he's still not a small size so there's a lot of knitting and it's the first time I've done a jersey for him; need to get to the arm holes and put it on another lifeline to try it on him.

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