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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

It's Spring!

I've done a little spinning and a little knitting, but mostly been spring cleaning, trying to get the house ready for when mum comes over to look after me post-surgery.

Lots of gardening too!

Some photos for your enjoyment.

My husband's socks, these are handspun (the blue) and a commercial yarn (yellow) in DK; good warm socks for winter. 

My spinning for the Advanced Spinners Group; the top is Finn Sheep which has been Navajo plied and is gorgeously springy; I think I need more.  The bottom is my first cabled yarn, I need more practice on this.  It's a blend of various wools with the provided fibre of cotton/bamboo blended in on my drumcarder.  I hate spinning cotton but I can cope in a blend.
The rose down the driveway, smells lovely first thing in the morning.

A geranium in the Japanese garden; we have a lot of work to do to get it ready but this is part of the plan.

I think this is Supreme Sultan iris, tis gorgeous in person.

A promise of things to come; pity about the weeds all through it.

Another promise, this is a peony.

Plums are showing promise too, these are a black plum; my favourite type.

Sweet peas, smell amazing!

Japanese honeysuckle, have given up trying to kill this; it's not keen on dying.

Another rose, also highly scented and has pleated petals.

Clematis, this has gone nuts with the flowers this year.

And finally an unknown iris, full of chocolately goodness.

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