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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Final Blogtoberfest

I got the ribbing finished on Central Park Hoodie last night!    Should start moving more quickly now, well at least until I start the next shawl KAL.
Lovely, I really want to get this finished; it's holding me back.
I dressed for Wardrobe Wednesday today.  I decided I really wanted to do the 50's look.   So full circle skirt, crinoline petticoat, and I wore a t-shirt which isn't really retro, but on a warm day is comfy.   I need some button shirts that fit me to finish the look.
T-shirt and skirt both made by me
Crinoline from the US
Cardigan from WEFT Knitting Co a few years back, great for spring layering
Shoes from the NZ Sale website, Shoe Planet is the brand.

I had lots of positive comments on this outfit today and I love the noises it makes!

I did go to Stitch today and got the thread I need for George's quilt and I've promised to take it in to show off once it's finished too.

Had a delivery today too, ages ago I ordered a trolley bag to replace our roll bag which isn't very well.   This also came from the NZ Sale website and will be used by everyone in the house.  The boys for school camps, Thomas might use it if he heads up to Wellington or Auckland for several days on work and I'll use it for my craft camps.
Not expanded yet, hate the colour, but for $60 I'm not going to complain, it does the job.
Tomorrow I'll be starting that quilting, I promise!

Finally I'd like to say to all those in the US affected by the hurricane, I hope you're all ok and that recovery is quick.  I know for some it won't be and I feel for you, after the Christchurch earthquakes I have a greater appreciation for what people go through after a natural disaster.

Wardrobe Wednesday

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2nd to last day of Blogtoberfest

In two days normal transmission resumes, as in I post when something of note happens, not every day.   Under normal circumstances today wouldn't warrant a post.

I went out to The Warehouse and got a Darth Vader figure and a new stainless steel rubbish bin which was marked down from $40 to $20 to replace our plastic one that broke the other day.    Not exactly noteworthy.

Went to start quilting George's quilt, realised I'd forgotten to get the monofilament thread I need for the ditching, so put it in the car for tomorrow when I'm out and about again.  I'll get the right colour for the free motion quilting at the same time.   As a result, no quilting.

Didn't feel like knitting, did end up ordering a beading hook as I can't find mine anywhere and I'll need it for the KAL starting on Thursday, well, it'll probably start on Friday as our Thursday is earlier than the designers.  Instead I played Rage on the Xbox for a while and did chores.

Kids did troll impressions again tonight, have both lost Xbox and computer for the weekend (while I'm being a single parent, yay).   George got caught about to hit his brother over the head with a chair.   Those boys really need separate rooms now, but there's no way that'll happen till the garage is up.

See, a whole day with nothing worth reporting at all!    Might start thinking about what designs I'm going to quilt for George, it needs to be simple for a beginner, but not too floral.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Paint, garage and spinning. Blogtoberfest

Went out this morning to Paint Tech to get our paint for the eaves and gables, took me 3 times around the block to find it as the street number sign was not easy to find.  Not their fault, the fault of the owner of that block of business units.   I now have two 4litre tins of paint in the right colours and need to find out if the primer I have is exterior or not, if not then I need to get some of that too as the eaves paint surface is pretty much gone.

Rang the place doing the second garage quote as we haven't received it and it's not done yet, I get the impression it was missplaced so I'll ring again later in the week, we need that urgently.

I finished dizzing the first 50g last night, this is the result:
it's now balled up gently ready to go.
I had been planning on starting to spin this at the guild on Saturday, but alas I won't be going.    I expected to be there for at least 2 hours, Ian's got a birthday party in the afternoon so I had to get him to that, but it turns out Thomas has Judo all weekend, again.   I'll have been away from spinning for 3 weeks in a row, 2 of them judo related.   To be honest I'm getting a bit fed up with it, he's away 4 nights a week for judo and gaming and I have 4 hours max on one day, which I'm not actually getting right now.   Turning into a grumpy bear.

Tomorrow I have to go and spend more money, hope there's something good quality in the Star Wars stuff at The Warehouse that doesn't cost the earth for this birthday party.    Seems the kid concerned is really into Star Wars and Lego.   Not sure if I'll have time to sort out some sort of costume for Ian though.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spinning a Yarn. Blogtoberfest

Didn't get a lot done today, aside from work.  Woke up at 1.30am with an upset middle and a bit of a temp.   Was a lot better by morning, but still not quite right so kept things fairly quiet.

Once my work was finished I did some spinning.  Filled three more bobbins with the black English Leicester.   It's mostly long-draw as the prep was very woollen, can't ply them now as they're too fresh, but they're a lovely chocolate brown
English Leicester singles, woollen spun
I'll probably use this for a blanket, I've got some white half-bred to spin which is also carded and should work well with this.   I'm thinking a striped blanket and will see if I have anything in a colour mid-way between the two.   I do have a lot of fibre running around.

I'm going to take a break from natural colours for a wee bit though and spin up this:
"Buttercup" Merino/Nylon from Wabi Sabi fibres which I picked up at the Wigram Open Day.
This is going to be spun to be socks, probably 2-ply for lace socks as I do have difficulty getting a fingering weight 3-ply.    There's also the fact that there are two 50g braids so it's already split in two.   I'm busy dizzing it right now so it's ready to go.
I'm also going to try really hard not to purchase any more fibre or fleeces so I can reduce my fibre stash, it's overflowed.

Tomorrow will be a bit of work, some chores (as always) and maybe some more knitting or quilting.    I'm going to be taking part in a mystery KAL, I had to order the yarn which wasn't planned as I didn't have anything suitable in laceweight, once it arrives in a few days I'll get beads.   I'm due to cast on for it on Thursday 1st November.
From the seller Sabine on Felt, not my normal colour choice but I think it'll look amazing.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tired, but happy. Blogtoberfest #27!

Hard to believe it's October 27th already!

Very busy day today, no spinning or knitting, but I got enough done that I am whacked!

Spent two hours flushing the cars brake fluid with the help of my BIL (thanks Mike!), last night I made chocolate brownies especially for him, though I think I forgot to tell him that.   I jacked up the car, removed one wheel and put it back on later, learned quite a bit and the car now has new brake fluid in all 4 brakes.  The old stuff was quite dark.

I unlocked a DVD that locked itself in its case, it's the second one to do it but we don't know why.  The first time we broke open the case, but this time I found a couple of very strong magnets and did it the other way; now we can watch Harry Potter's final movie again.  The magnets that worked were from the boys shaker torches; I've now stolen them (they don't really work very well now) and will keep them in reserve for future DVD lockouts.

I tried out the test pots on our eaves and gable today.   The colours I chose are perfect, so now I've just got to get the paint and prep everything.    I can do all the gables except the one I test painted on today; can't do that one as it has earthquake damage so has to be repaired first.
The colour on the right is the original (I hate it), the one on the left is the new one and we love it!  
I think once it's painted the whole house will look really good.  Might have to paint the gutters too, they're coloursteel, but it's degraded a bit.

I got the quilt basted together using the 505 spray and it worked well, I think my can last time was well past its use by date.   I've put a few pins in, but not many.  Started on the lawn but then had to do the rest inside as the wind got up when I started putting the back on.  Hopefully there's not too much lawn in it.
All ready to go.

Caught Ian up on the swing yesterday, not quite where you normally expect him to be, see what I mean?
When I said "up on the swing" I really did mean UP!

Got some more gardening done today, after yesterday's epic driveway weed I got some weeding done in the raspberry patch; more scratches received by me.   Lawn has been mown again too, we're now at the point where it needs doing every week.  It does look good once it's done.  Seedlings are growing, though some seem to have stalled, might have to buy tomato plants after all.

Tomorrow if the weather holds I'll probably go to boot camp, but I'll make T stay at home to rest his knee I think.  If it's raining then I'll stay home and either quilt, knit or spin.   I think I've earned a break.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Quilt Prep. Blogtoberfest

No photo's today, but I did get a fair bit done.    I got the basting spray from Stitches using a 20% off coupon I got for doing a quick survey for them.   I also got some more fabric, will be the last for a bit but I now have what I need to make the quilt for my brother and his wife which is good.  
I couldn't baste George's quilt together as I need to do that outside and the wind was too strong today.   First fine and calm day we get I'll be spray basting it, I did trim the backing today though, still have to trim the batting.
I also got out the Patchwork Prism Quilt pattern and went through the stash to pick out what I"m going to use for the quilt that's being made up next.   I now have a paper bag full of fat quarters ready to be cut out.

I also got a few rows done on CPH, not many but at least it's a little closer to having the ribbing done on the fronts, and I filled the green bin again with the weeds down the driveway access.   My wrists are complaining, I react to weeding but it's got to be done.

The garage quote didn't arrive, hoping it will on Monday, it's possible when he said I'd get it this week that he forgot it was a short week.   My confidence levels in the other place are not high when he forgot the internal walls completely and even when reminded only put one in and hasn't actually put a cost in.

Tomorrow my brother-in-law is teaching me to change my brake fluid in the car.   Hope it goes well!  Not sure what else I'll get done, chores of course, but hopefully a little quilting or knitting or spinning, that would be nice.

How to offend a cat

Put food out for said cat, remove cat from food slightly while applying something soggy to the back of the neck.    At the end of which said cat give you a highly offended look and scarpers, without having finished her breakfast.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Running out of oomph. Blogtoberfest

Today I got the groceries done and then crashed.   I think part of it was finishing my Orchid Thief, part of it was a sugar crash (cravings won) and then the power cut which removed the intentions I had.   Suddenly I couldn't vacuum the floor to get the quilt down for basting, by the time it came back on all motivation had left completely.
So basically I got nothing done today except groceries and the ends woven into my shawl.   I finished reading the final Harry Potter book again.   I'm going to make some effort on the CPH now, but I'm not sure how well I'll go.  

Hopefully tomorrow I'll emerge from the tired and uninspired and get that quilt sorted.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paint Samples. Blogtoberfest

This morning while getting the veges I dropped into Resene to get some colours for doing the eaves of the house this summer, and the gables too.  Normally I'd get my paint from there, but this time although I'm getting the samples I'll get the paint I need from another shop as I have vouchers to use.   Pending the results of the test pots we'll be using Parchment for the eaves to replace the cream that's mostly gone (it's not as dark IRL) and Stonewashed on the gable to replace the camel colour that's currently there.   I really hate that camel colour and the Stonewashed is more of a taupe which should look much nicer.  

We've also got the quote from Fix-It that will be presented to EQC which no doubt they'll argue about, only a couple of minor details not quite right and I've let them know so they can adjust them.   Will be interesting to see how that pans out when EQC do get here to go over everything.  We know they won't agree to everything, despite the fact that it is all due to earthquake damage.   In any case I'm hoping that before the end of summer we'll be sorted on that front and that we'll have done the painting, we can't do the gables till the EQC work is completed, but that's ok, paint will keep.

In other news I spent the afternoon before school pick up knitting and I cast off the Orchid Thief 30 minutes before school got out!
It's now blocking on the lounge floor, but I'll shift it to the conservatory before bed so the cats can't get to it.
Hard to get a good pic at night with the flash, but she's beautiful.   I'll weave the ends in once she's dry.
Now to decide if I'll work on Breakwater or Central Park Hoodie next.   CPH is much older, but Breakwater will be useable in summer which CPH most definitely won't be!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to my beloved! Blogtoberfest

I don't really talk about my beloved husband all that often on the blog except when it relates to what I'm knitting for him.  He does get mentioned from time to time, but not really in depth.   Well, today I thought I'd talk a little more about him and our history together.  No dates I'm afraid and I'm not telling you how old he is, but about how we met, in brief.
We met at work, I'd only recently started there and one of the girls was showing me the ropes, we needed to go to another floor for some information and Thomas was the person with the information.   She hit him over the head with the bunch of papers she had and I had an immediate "he's cute" reaction.   I asked her to set us up on a blind date once I knew he was single and he despite misgivings turned up.    Our first evening together was wonderful, he made me laugh (I snorted lemonade through my nose) and we really connected.  I knew that night he was the man for me, but I didn't say anything for 2 whole weeks which was really hard.  When I did he didn't run which I took as a good sign.   We've been together now for 20 years (14 married) come the end of the month and I still love him just as much, it's not as giddy now as it was then, but I can't imagine life without him.  Thomas I love you, even when I'm grumpy I still love you.

The day started cold for his birthday, when I came out to the car to go to work this is what I found:
Car roof

Isn't it beautiful?   Freezing cold, but it's amazing what such a simple thing can do to transform a rather beat up car.

Most of today was spent knitting.   I got 7 rows done on my shawl, that leaves another 7 plus the cast off to do.  I won't get it finished tomorrow as I need to go out and get bread, but once that's done a fair bit should be done.  I really want to get it finished before the weekend and then I can concentrate on George's quilt.
on the larger cable you can see a bit more of the design.

detail shot
 This is how the day turned out, reasonably warm (though not short sleeve weather) and sunny!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yummy - finally! Blogtoberfest

The last two days I've been trying to get some Salted Caramel Macarons and failing miserably.   This morning I got to The Colombo at 10am and had to wait a little as they hadn't arrived!  So I popped into Spotlight to look at fat quarters.  I backed out pretty quickly, when you can see the cardboard through the fabric it's not good fabric.   The stuff on bolts had enough starch on it to walk out of the shop without assistance if it was that way inclined.
So I went back to Jaime les Macarons and waited, after a wee bit I left with this:
5 in there, I ate 4 and the boys and T shared the final one.  I regretted that later, lol.
I then went to The Art of Sewing and came out with some fabric to fill some gaps in my quilting stash, all fat quarters and will be used in the Patchwork Prism quilt that's in the planning stages atm.
Yellow, brown, green and orange to fill those gaps.
After I got home I worked on the quilt back, I'm really happy with this
It's too wide (that's our bed), but it'll work well for the back of George's quilt after some trimming.
I also got 3 rows done on the shawl, all the beading is now finished and I'm now on row 100.  I have decided that a change of needles is required as it's getting very cramped on the current needles, I need a longer cable so I've got that ready to go.    No spinning today, ran out of time, but I'm happy with what I got done.

Tomorrow, more knitting I think after the boys hit school and maybe some baking for Thomas's birthday.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hemming is one of my most hated jobs, I don't know why but I just don't enjoy it at all.  Today I did 2 hems for me and 2 for my Sister-in-law.   The two for me were both machine sewn, hers were hand-sewn and all were completely appropriate for the garment concerned.
2 machine sewn hems, one a full circle skirt, the other moleskin jeans.
Then I moved onto piecing for the back of George's quilt, done the first lot of jelly rolls, but my shoulder was a little unhappy so I stopped machine sewing after that; I've learned to listen to my body nowadays and this way I should be able to do some more tomorrow without pain.
Needs pressing, but I'm saving that till the next lot is done.
So then I moved onto knitting, I was in the mood and the boys were occupied on computer and x-box by then so I could do lace without interruption.   2 rows of pattern and one plain purl were achieved which was fantastic.
Little blue beads, pretty.
Tomorrow I'm going to pay a visit to J'aime les macarons for the third time in the hope that I might get lucky and get some salted caramel macarons.   Last 2 visits they were sold out.  I know I'm supposed to be giving up sugar, but I have done really well and cut down drastically, no hot chocolate in 2 weeks now.  A little icecream has snuck in though I'm afraid.    If I do get any of the macarons tomorrow I'm probably going to be horribly selfish and not share.
Tomorrow I'm also planning on more piecing for George's quilt, I'd like to get the back finished, I can't actually baste the layers together till the lounge is clear of children.   I will also try to get some more done on the shawl.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I seem to have spent most of the day trimming things.   Started with the boys and their hair; things were getting a bit long and birdsnests were turning up in the mornings so a number 3 was called for.   Then I got them to help me after I trimmed the Pittosporum outside their window, popped all that in the compost.  Shifted the finished compost onto the vege garden, haven't dug it in yet though as I want to give the worms time to evacuate into the ground properly.
Then I trimmed the lawn with the mower, once that was done the boys helped me trim the edges.
George trimming the swingset growth.

Ian trimming near the sandpit

Star watching the whole thing wondering what in the heck her people are up to!
I then moved inside and started trimming the next lot of things, the selvedges off the quilt backing flannel.  Some decisions had to be made with it as I don't have enough, apparently my brain was off on holiday when I ordered the backing.   There will be more piecing, this time of jelly rolls so the flannel will be in 4 pieces; you'll see what I mean once it's done, but here's the pile
Looks messy now, but there is a plan.
And finally although I got no knitting done I did fill 2 bobbins on my wheel.   There's still a fair bit of fibre in the bag, I'm suspecting another 3 bobbins worth.
The flash didn't seem keen on illuminating the dark brown singles.  There is however another bobbin further down also done today.
I also got a pair of trousers and a skirt trimmed and turned up for hemming.   The actual sewing of said hem will happen tomorrow all going well.

Thomas got home early from Judo, he popped something in his knee and while it's not swelling it does hurt, quite badly going by the squawks when Ian tries to sit on it.   I've put Anti-Flamme on it and Ibuprofen into him (he objected, but I insisted) and he'll be pulling out of the Masters competition tomorrow.   Hopefully it's something that rest will fix, but knowing him there will need to be doctors visits followed by visits to physio, sigh.

So, tomorrow will be sewing, knitting and spinning all going well.   I've done lots of household and garden chores today so I deserve a little rest tomorrow.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Oops, cast on! Blogtoberfest

Busy day again today, Thomas went off to Wellington and then rang me to say he'd forgotten his pies which were still at work in the fridge and wouldn't cope till Monday.    That had to wait though, first we had the guy from Fix-It around to go over the Scope of Works to see what needed to be done.  He picked up a few things we hadn't noticed.   So things are definitely in motion, I emailed the Opt-Out form to EQC today as well.   Not much else I can do right now, just wait.  It does feel good to have things started though.

I got 2 rows done on my shawl, I should have got 3 done but unfortunately having to go and collect the pies cut into that, and I can't even get revenge by eating them, cos they're all curried; ick.  Never mind, the first row of beading is in and it looks pretty, unfortunately I left it till now to take a photo and it's dark and the flash is useless.
See, beads!
Since I couldn't concentrate on the shawl tonight (need TV on to stop from hearing boys settling) and I couldn't see well enough either I cast on my Goodale in the hand-dyed yarn I created especially for it.
I'm changing skeins every row at the moment as they're both so different from eachother despite being dyed in the same pot of dye at the same time.  Unfortunately I don't have a short 3.75mm circular so I'm doing this on a long cable and magic looping, I know it'd be easier on a shorter one, but can't justify spending on needles at the moment when I have something that will do the job.

Tomorrow is the first day of Labour weekend, Thomas has his judo tournament so I won't see much of him.   I'm planning on trimming the boys nails and hair (not a fun job), knitting, sewing, spinning and possibly some baking too.   I'll have to do a cake to celebrate an important birthday, but that can wait till Monday.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

8.6 k's! Blogtoberfest

That's how far I went on my bicycle today!  I popped the panniers on the back and put all the information for the new garage in there before heading off to Durasteel to get a quote in process.   I should have the quote by the end of next week and tomorrow will be the discussion with Jay of Fix-It as to how things go ahead and what he thinks is earthquake damage that we haven't picked up on.  As well as the Scope of Works I have a list of my own.  Might have to give Skyline another call as well, get their quote from March reworked.

Got most of the housework done, mended T's judo gi pants and did the ironing too.   I still have a pair of trousers to turn up the hem and my full circle skirt to shorten by 3".   I'm not fond of hemming so have been putting it off.  Will do it on the weekend though as I will have another pair to do then.

I did get some knitting time though, finally got past row 88, have in fact finished row 90 and will start beading on row 92.
The beads I'll be using.
I also got some piecing done for the back of George's quilt
Isn't it pretty?  This will be running up the middle of the back of the quilt from top to bottom.
I've got a sore throat now, Ian's been winding me up all afternoon.   His spelling was like pushing the proverbial uphill, then tonight he's been stealing food and then jumped up and down on George's bed and has snapped one of the slats.    I love him, but right at the moment I don't want to see him again for a while.  Anyone else feeling that way about their kids at the moment?   Damn, I need sugar right now and there's no sweets in the house.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love my Smartphone! Blogtoberfest

Took the car in for its warrant this morning and she passed with flying colours.   I would however have to fail their toilet as I got locked in!   All I can say is thank goodness I now have a smartphone.   Turned on the data on it, got up their website, found their contact number and then called them so they could rescue me.  No-one heard me banging on the door as it was so noisy.   Luckily they answered the phone quickly and when they couldn't get the door open went and got a screwdriver and got me out.

The only thing that came up is the water level in the brake fluid is getting a little high, so I've asked my BIL to help me change that out, he's happy to teach me so I can do it myself with a little help next time.

When I got home I tried to knit row 88 again, it still didn't work out, so tinked that, and the 2 rows before.  I had the correct stitch count for the row before that so another go at row 86 was all I had time for.    Yay, I now have the right stitch count, have done the following purl row and am ready to have go 3 at row 88 again tomorrow all going well.   I also got 10 rows done on my sock while at VTNZ getting the warrant.

Tomorrow will be garage appointment and if the weather is nice I might bike there.   I put the saddle bag on tonight so it's all ready to go.   Then it'll be housework to get things ready for the inspection tomorrow for earthquake damage.    Plus a little sewing to clear the floor of the sewing room a bit.    Looking at that lot it might be Friday before I get that row of knitting done.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knit-tinK, Blogtoberfest

I knit two rows on my shawl today, then I unknit them as I was one stitch out and it was obvious.   At least I had some yarn and some fabric to make me feel better.   The yarn arrived in the mail and I picked the fabric up from an online friend across town today.

Wandering Cat Yarns, 2 different bases in slightly different weights but hoping they'll play nice together anyway.

Fleece Artist Trail Socks in Mine Gold; to go with some Vintage Purls green yarn

Quilting cottons, including batiks as I don't have many
Got to get the car warranted tomorrow, so the second sock will be started while I'm waiting.  I'll have another go at the shawl after I get home, hopefully row 88 will work the second time around.

Boys just got a new book, I think it's called "The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby", I can't check though as they're reading it together at the moment and don't want to let it go.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blurgh day, Blogtoberfest

I didn't sleep well last night and then this morning I was feeling a bit blurgh, feeling a lot better now but didn't have the concentration to do much most of the day.   I did get one sock finished though
Isn't she pretty?   Have to get the next one done as I really want to wear these!
I then had a bit more work on the opting out process.   We've told Fix-It we're going to use them, got the resource consent forms from the council, spoken to 2 garage places to get drawings and quotes.   I've filled out EQC's forms but not yet signed them, will do that tomorrow and scan and email them.   One of the garage places already has a quote for us but it was back in March so needs updating.   Should have that one by the end of the week, have an appointment to go see the second one and will take all our stuff with me.
Fix-It are coming to do their walk-through on Friday to get their quote for EQC ready to go.   I'm not expecting any actual building to start till after the Christmas break, but at least it gives us something to look forward to and I've found out more information today too.    We are on TC2 land so we're going to need a land test which sounds expensive, but at least that will be part of EQC's bill to deal with.
I suspect that things will be really busy while all this is being organised, but it'll be well and truly worth it in the end.   I think we'll do some of the finishing work on the garage extension ourselves to save money though and we'll have to get the fencing sorted before the garage is started, not looking forward to that bit.
I already have a pile of paperwork and we're barely started!

After I got as much done on that as I could I was feeling a bit better so got 2 more rows done on my Orchid Thief; got to get that finished before the build gets too involved as that has a time-frame on it, as does the quilt of course.  
Those markers?   They are I hope in the centre spine of each flower as I'm planning on beading it.
Tomorrow will be busy too, got to pick some fabric up from a friend at some point, that won't take long though.  Also got to do some tidying and cleaning so that things aren't too messy on Friday, and of course some knitting or quilt making.    Not enough hours in the day.   Oh, and no time to be sick, just saying.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quilt Top, Blogtoberfest

The morning saw me finish the quilt top:
It'll have a charcoal binding.   Now that this is finished I started to get everything together for the backing:
On the left is the striped flannel and on the right is a bunch of charm squares in some of the same solid colours as the top, with one surprise fabric in there.   No point in starting on it today as I need the lounge floor to cut the selvages off and cut everything ready for piecing.   I chose flannel for the squish factor, once that's done then I get to baste the top, batting and backing together; one of my least favourite parts of quilting.

In knitting news I've finished the third section of the shawl, but as it looks the same as before no photo, will start the final section tomorrow when there are no children to distract me as row 86 is supposed to be challenging.
I've also started the round toe for my sock, but like the shawl you can't really see any change yet; hopefully tomorrow it'll be finished too and I can cast on its mate.

Did a bit of measuring and diving into information from our insurance and mortgage files.   I've determined that even with the covered deck, house, kids play hut and the new garage building we will still be under the 40% section coverage we're allowed under local laws, so that's good.    That's only taking into consideration the part of the section that is buildable, we can't count the bit that goes to the street apparently so I haven't.
Tomorrow we have our second building company coming to have a look, then we will decide who we're going to use for the job.   I'm pretty sure the garage will be subcontracted so I'll need to get quotes and drawings for that fairly urgently.   I've got a couple of recommendations for that part, one of the companies we looked at last time made too many errors in their quote (double the number of double-glazed windows for example) so we won't be going back to them.   Rather exciting really!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wet Day, Blogtoberfest

Been like this all day
Surface flooding is pretty common even on our side of town, hate to think what the eastern side is like.

I went to the guild for our meeting, did my wee presentation which went ok and I wasn't the only one.   There was some lovely work on display, especially Sonya's shawl which was amazing!   Some beautiful spinning as well.
This Merino/Silk bump might have come home with me, well, 2 bumps.   Both are the same base colour, one has the pink and the other doesn't.   A bit of a different choice for me.
 Before I can start this though I have to finish my current spinning which hasn't been touched for the last 2 weeks.

I got lots of knitting done on my basic sock, there was too much going on to concentrate on the shawl, I got about half an inch from the toe shaping, normally I'd have a further inch to go, but I'm trying a different toe this time which starts earlier.
Travelling sock
I got onto George's quilt when I got home and the middle is now all pieced and I've cut out the borders.
The grey bit on the edge is the border fabric.  Next step is to seam that together and then attach it, then the quilt top is finished.
Tomorrow is supposed to be boot camp, but it's going to be too wet out and to be honest I'm too tired.   Instead I think there'll be more quilting, knitting and maybe spinning.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Crafting day - Blogtoberfest!

Well, got the grocery shopping done but despite not getting many treats was still expensive.  Most of the meat was dated to expire and either use by today or freeze.   I think pricing's gone up, I also think it's time to stop buying stuff that's pre-prepared and start scratch making, will be better for us too.   Got hit with some horrible sugar cravings today too, I know what that's related to, will have to be stronger next month and not give in.

I did get some craft time though, 4 rows short of finishing section 3 of the Orchid Thief
It's starting to get bunched up on the cable now
Also some work on George's quilt, I'm loving this!
My piecing is getting better, I think I'll get the piecing finished tomorrow all going well, weather forecast is rainy.
I have spent a little money today on DVD's, which I shouldn't have and some on fish oil, which I should.  Will do better for the rest of the month.   My yarn from Vintage Purls arrived today too, it took a side trip to Palmerston North, but finally arrived.
This one is for Thomas

This one is for me, possibly for Catkin  with some gold that's on its way.
Tomorrow is guild, the first hour will be committee meeting, then I get to present a small item on doing correspondence courses through Creative Fibre, hopefully someone else will be doing it too, guess I'll find out.  Once that's done I'll be quilting and maybe knitting, the garden needs work but it's supposed to be pouring cats and dogs so that'll have to wait.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

11 October, Blogtoberfest

Pretty boring day.  Windows washed (mostly by George who volunteered after seeing me doing it), did a lot of work, catalogued 2 drawers full of fabric and freed up another drawer for yarn.    Unfortunately no actual using of said yarn or fabric though.

Tomorrow?   Well, there's the groceries while the boys are at the Autism Society; no way was I doing the shopping with them in tow, I'd spend too much!   Really trying to take the groceries back to basics to save some money, and maybe if I'm lucky some knitting would be nice.  School's back on Monday which will be nice.  Right now I'm going to go and heat some milk, melt some chocolate and sit back and relax, oh, and I'm definitely going to have to find something to watch; hate X-factor!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 October, Blogtoberfest

I got something crafty done!
Top right corner of George's quilt.
Not 100% happy with one bit of my piecing, I have a small tuck, but I think the grey might have stretched and I couldn't get it to ease any better than that.  Hopefully it's the only one and in which case can be my one error so as not to offend.  Apologies for the photo, I used the cheap camera and had to adjust the brightness.

No knitting, but that's because it requires serious concentration and I can't do that when either of the boys are around, of course George was all day.

I decided to dress girly this morning, I think this is my favourite skirt in my wardrobe at the moment.
Crinoline is under the skirt, once again the cheap camera, but wasn't prepared to give the good one to eldest.
I love the look of the crinoline and the feel of it, right up to visiting the smallest room in the house where it suddenly becomes a right pain!    I wonder what the chiffon one will be like.   Oh, and the bare feet were only temporary, I put on my buttercream socks with my red shoes.

Tomorrow is the last day the boys have at home in the holidays (George is getting better so will be going to horseriding on Friday).    We're planning on washing the outside windows as the weather should be good.   Maybe some more quilting.   I should clean the oven, but I really, really don't want to!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

9th day Blogtoberfest - Opting Out

1. We got all bar two of the inside windows washed.   The two not done are the kitchen ones that are hard to access.  I did however get everything off the window sill in that room.

2.  No knitting

3.  3 blocks joined together for George's quilt

4.  No cutting out

5.  Work partly done

6.  Opt-out meeting with Fix-It.    This went fairly well, I liked the guy and he seemed to know what he was talking about and left me with some information on the process.  He suggested we get the process of getting building consent and resource consent underway so everything is ready to go when the opt-out is processed and approved.
Our next guy comes on Monday, he's not an opt-out expert though so we'll wait and see, he is recommended by a friend though which is a big point in his favour.
Thanks to the FI guy though for calling me back with a suggestion as to how to get a Scope of Works, after yesterday being told we couldn't get one without having opted out and today being told yes we can, after a 7 week wait, which was way too long.   One email later, we now have one!

Oh, and George isn't going to his holiday programme tomorrow, I got visual evidence that he's not well enough yet, that's on top of the occasional sore tummy he's still got.   I've started him on probiotics to help him get over it.  So tomorrow won't be getting a lot done either.

Monday, October 08, 2012

October 8th, Blogtoberfest

No crafting today unfortunately, too busy working and on the phone.   I knew that I wouldn't get crafting done with George at home though.

Ian went swimming and to the Sensory Room with the Autism Society and he had a wonderful time, as did his caregiver so that was good.   George wrapped himself in the quilt his aunt had been using on Saturday night and watched movies, I refused to let him watch Cartoon Network as I can't stand it myself.  No X-box for him today after he booted his brother in the back with no warning; he whined of course but I didn't give in.

The phone calls this morning were to EQC to investigate opting out, after that chat we are definitely opting out, it's now just a matter of who with.   We were told our job was not a high priority and wouldn't be started till 2014 at the earliest; we only have storage covered till April 2013 and with a likely finish date of 2015 that means finding funds for that for 2 years!    Not an option.   Also Fletchers can't do extra work and we need the garage replaced with a different configuration and a little more space.   I've got one company coming around tomorrow, and have left a message with another.  Hopefully a friend of ours will come up with suggestions as to who to use that's happy to wait for payment until EQC pay invoices to us as we can't afford to cover them till EQC pays up.

In other news I think our quilt just got bumped down my to-do list.   On Saturday night my sister-in-law was snuggling into the Patchwork Prism Quilt I made a while ago.  Now it was my brother (her husband) who made us the gorgeous rimu coffee table that's now in our lounge for our Christmas present and I've been trying to come up with something to if not match that (as I don't think I can) at least make it obvious how much we appreciate it.   I'm going to make a quilt, probably the same pattern, but I'll check my books before making any definite decisions.   I have another blanket that would be a suitable batting, there's some old flannel sheets that I'll check for condition first for the backing and a stash for the front.   George's quilt will need to be finished first of course, but once that's done I'll concentrate on this.   I think my dress might have to wait too.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, the weather forecast isn't great so we won't be washing the windows outside, might do some of the remaining ones that are mucky on the inside though.    There's the appointment with the company for opting out and the dreaded work.    I'd really like to do some work on George's quilt too, or maybe my dress if I can find room on the lounge floor to get the muslin cut out.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

October 7th, Blogtoberfest

What a lovely night last night!   My brother and his wife arrived on time and everything went well for us leaving.  We got there early, partly because I'd forgotten that it's easier to get a park in town nowadays so we had time for a quick wander around town.   The BNZ building is looking very short now and there are so many empty spaces; rather sad.    There was some nice stuff though, the container shopping area (Re-Start) is looking good, and at the end of it on Oxford Terrace we discovered some street art that was rather wonderful!    The most gorgeous eel done in red on the road surface, it's textured too so you feel it as you walk over it and the footpath around had textured art too in various shades.   If the weather is nice on Thursday I may take the boys in to take a look.

Dinner was delicious, we had an entree of scallops, I had the duck (very rich) and Thomas had the backstrap lamb, dessert was sorbet and a creme brulee with chocolate.  Expensive, but if we could afford it we'd definitely go back.  The waitress was lovely and commented on my knitting and asked what I was making.  At the end she asked if I'd finished and I had to say no, socks take a long time to knit!   I think I got about 4 rows done, but as I said it's what I do to fill waiting times without getting twitchy, lol.

Today didn't start so well, George wasn't well this morning gastro bug, he's feeling much better now.  He'll be staying home tomorrow though as one of the activities tomorrow is swimming and even if he's feeling ok he's not allowed in the pool for another 2 weeks after one of those episodes; that and I suspect he got it from there in the first place.  Ian'll still be going though as he's fine.

I got some quilting done today, all the spokes on the quilt are now pieced and I set up on the floor to pin it all together
Pretend the bits of carpet between blocks is charcoal Kona solids, which is what it will be.
I got a good reaction from George so that's good, I rather like it myself too!

Quick photo's of knitting and spinning progress over the last couple of days
Just one repeat of section 3 to go, looking good!

Fronts of Central Park Hoodie now onto main cable chart in the ribbing!

2nd bobbin of English Leicester singles, still a way to go on this.
And finally a picture of my crinoline which is currently hanging to get some of the crinkles out.
It might take a wee while, it was pretty crushed when I got it, but it's better than it was.

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