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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freeranging ducks

They're finally out on the lawn. Most of the day they've been keeping close to the kids pool, so they've spent very little time in their pool. I think they've forgotten how to get to it tbh. They've been eating grass and a little of their normal food, but not doing much else. The wild duck flew in 10 minutes ago and they've been following her around like their god just landed; very funny to watch. She flew across the lawn as Thomas was picking up the kids toys to keep them away from duck doo and they had a wee moment of panicking about where she'd gone. She then landed and they waddled as fast as they could to get back to her. Will be interesting to see what happens when she flies out for the night.

As well as that yesterday was my birthday. The boys weren't very well behaved, but aside from that it was a good day. I know I have a Wii coming, but it won't be here till new year, I scored one from for $399 new. Very pleased, downside though is I found out afterwards that Thomas was going to get me my dog; aarrgh! I was convinced it'd never happen so it hadn't ever occurred to me that he'd do that for my birthday. It'll happen at some point now though so it's just a matter of when. I want a puppy that I can train not to chase the ducks.
We also went to the movies that night and saw Avatar in 3D again, love that movie. I will definitely be getting it when it comes out on DVD. One of those movies that you wish the world created really existed. I loved the Na'avi.

Last day of the year today here in the Southern Hemisphere. I have a couple of new years resolutions.
1. Exercise more, a run each morning so that when we do get a dog I'm fit enough to cope and also so that my tummy reduces.

2. Drink more water

3. Spend less, I'm planning on going to a hypnotherapist to help with this, I figure that if I spend the $300 or less on that and it works, it's well worth it.

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ducks out

Day before yesterday I went out to feed the ducks after a sleep in, somehow Sam had got out and was the wrong side of the wire fence. Had to open up one side of the fence and then she panicked and got herself into a corner. DH ended up picking her up and popping her over the fence. I've shifted the pool now so hopefully she won't do it again.
Jay has now started moulting so I'll be collecting feathers to clean and then us in an art yarn.

On a slightly less ducky note. On Saturday night we went to see Avatar 3D, I enjoyed it so much we're going again for my birthday. Got to get the tickets tomorrow hopefully. Mum and Dad are going to babysit the boys. They know how late it'll get out, and while I wouldn't say they're happy about it, they will cope.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Charlie's mitts

Charlie's mitts
Originally uploaded by sewsable
Yippee! These took 2 days to finish and I used kitchener stitch for the first time so I'm happy with them. One had a wee whoopsie and I'm hoping that it doesn't cause problems later. There's a little fray check in there (blush).
Charlie lives in Waimate with his Dad and 2 older brothers and it gets cold there in winter. These should keep his hands warm while still letting him get into everything.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A busy week coming up

It's George's birthday on Thursday and his party on Sunday next week so we're frantically tidying the yard.   Lawn is mown and edges trimmed; weeding done and ducks will be staying in their enclosure till it's all over.  
This week will be spent working, tidying the house and baking.  I have to bake for Thursday and Saturday guild meetings too as it's the Christmas munchies on those days so I'm going to be all baked out.
Thursday afternoon I have to go to Spencer park to pick up Ian too so not sure when the groceries will get done!   They need to get done as well cos I'm going to need more storage for the baking.
George also needs a new inner tube for his bike's front tyre, the valve is not working.
I will be so glad when this week is all over and we can relax for a week or so till Christmas.
That's here too, so still got to keep the house tidy.

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