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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ok, if it's spring, what the hell are we doing with 26 degrees?    It's not even November yet!  The wind came up really fast too, was raining this morning, sudden change to a nor'wester and a headache descended really fast.    Never had a nor'west headache before, would prefer to avoid it in future if possible.
I tried to get some work done, and gave up in the end as it was just impossible to concentrate.  I did at least get the leg finished on my test-knit socks before the change happened, next is the heel flap.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More sickies

Had Ian home the last two days with diarrhea, George was home on Monday with a sore tummy, went to school today, but now also has a milder version of Ian's diarrhea so both will be home tomorrow.   As a result I haven't done my hour's catch up for the design course; had to cancel it.   At least there's no temptation to put them in front of Cartoon Network cos Sky TV is now gone and we just have Freeview.    Considering selling the DVD recorder to replace it with a Blu-ray player as we can plug a hard drive into the Freeview box to record onto if need be.

Tomorrow I have to take some fabric samples back, so Dh will stay home for a very short time so I can do so; thinking groceries may have to be online and I might just have to suck up for the delivery fee.

In good news my FIL has got the trailer warranted so I can go and pick up the loom in 2 weeks.     Also, I have finished my Socks to Walk With and will definitely use the pattern again.
Hermione's Everyday Socks is the pattern
I will in fact be making this using the same yarn again in a different colourway and with probably another 8 pattern repeats which should make them closer to the length I prefer.

Now I can transfer the Chiao Goo needles on to my test knit socks for Valerie; the Knitpro carbon needles are shedding their nickel coating and need to go back for replacement.  Luckily Knitpicks have a good warranty and Morag of Vintage Purls is always great to deal with.   Now to do some more knitting on the test knit; 2 repeats done on the leg already, the original pattern only did 3 repeats total, but I like my socks a little longer; even for summer so I'm doing at least 4, maybe 5.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh, wow!

Yesterday might have come close to making up for me getting sick; the illness lasted for over a week and is something I would not wish on anyone!    I missed my design course, but no way was I taking the bug to share even if I could have left the house!  Looks like it reoccurs as well, Ian threw up this afternoon.

Anyway, getting back to yesterday and what happened.   I was reading the guild newsletter and noticed a wee notice tucked in about one of the guild members having a Bartlett 4-shaft 4' countermarche floor loom available for free to a good home.   I've been thinking I'm going to need a floor loom once I've learned a little more about weaving to make T his kilt.    I waited impatiently for him to get home so I could talk to him about it and he agreed I could get it and we'll put it up in the dining room so I can learn to use it until our garage building is ready.    I don't need it yet, but this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.
At this point of course it was all theory; I ran the lady who had it and was very surprised to find it was the same lady who was running the design course!    We had a good talk, and I've booked in some time to catch up on the course, and she agreed I'd be suitable as a new owner for the loom!  I'll be picking it up early next month and getting to know it.   It's current owner has offered some yarn for practicing to make rugs, and some books as she no longer uses them and it comes with a bench and shuttles plus I think some other bits and pieces, but I'm afraid that by this point I was pretty much in delighted shock and didn't register everything.    Everyone at the guild was delighted for me, and I've had several offers of help if I need it (when I need it), which is definitely appreciated.

Despite being ill I did manage to get some spinning done; I plied the merino
405m of Navajo plied Merino.   Unsure what this will be, but it is lovely and muted.   Navajo plying was the only way to ply it without risking muddying it.
I've also planned what I want to make for the next Historical Sew Fortnightly.   I'm going to the 1920's and making a Vionnet dress in red and green to look a bit like a Kakabeak flower.   My first step is to enlarge the pattern from the Janet Arnold book it's in and then check the sizing.   Then I can check if I have sufficient fabric; if not I'll have to revisit my idea.  I'll be using silk to make the dress, but I'm refusing to buy more than what I already have in stash.

I'm 20 rows off the toe on my Hermione's socks and have just finished the ribbing on the socks I'm test knitting too.

The painter has been and painted the gables and eaves that I couldn't do last summer, not cheap, but worth it I think; looks so much better!   I've got an upholsterer coming to look at our La-z-boy chair, also not cheap, but considering it has memories for me (was my Grandpa's), it's worth it; can't keep putting it off, the fabric is starting to tear.   A new one wouldn't have the same value.   It's currently mustard coloured and will be changing to red; I think Grandpa would approve.   We're not recovering the lounge suite though, we don't like the style much and it's not that comfy either.

Oh, and apparently our garage consent has been approved; we're still waiting on written confirmation, but the bill has arrived (more than we expected), once written approval arrives then I hope to get a time frame.    I'm thinking after Christmas though as they have to manufacture the parts first which will take a few weeks.  So in the meantime we're trying to save (the above has not helped) and have cancelled the newspaper and Sky which we weren't using enough to justify the monthly spend.   Have a freeview box coming, and I've put some yarn up for sale, some of it is already on hold, but quite a bit left if you're interested.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feeling ick

So no knitting or sewing so far this week, a little spinning which I have to wash before I photograph.   Ian got it first, but for him one vomit and all was well.   I've been feeling nausea, headache and sore neck for 4 days now; hoping it won't go for too much longer, especially as Thomas is now coming down with it too.   No housework done, though it's been raining for days so couldn't wash anyway.   I am washing today, finally some sun today though it's freezing!
Painter arrived this morning to wash down the eaves and gables I hadn't already done; all the high ones that I can't get to.   He's hoping to paint it all on Monday; wonder if I can persuade him to silicon seal the conservatory while he's up there?

Monday, October 07, 2013

A wonderful weekend

I got virtually no sleep as the bunks were incredibly noisy and uncomfortable and it was too warm for my sleeping bag to work well, but aside from that there was great food (thank you Tanya), excellent company and lots of sewing, knitting and spinning.
My spinning

In action, the colours are brighter in real life; the fibre is Merino and not quite finished yet.

Joanne's spinning, this was Perendale

Joanne's Polwarth that she finished

Leanne's quilt, this is the back and is for her daughter.

The front of Leanne's quilt

The back of Louise's quilt; it's cowboy themed and this was her first go at free-motion quilting.

Isn't it cool?

The front of Louise's quilt.

I took these photo's after I got home, this is my 1770's panniers.

And this is my paisley shawl which is based on the Kashmiri shawls of the late 18th century and early 19th century.
We went to Lindisfarne which is near Cave, inland from Timaru.   Wonderful hall, pity about the sleeping accommodation.  We'll likely go back though cos the hall makes up for the sleeping issues.
I also got the gusset finished on my travel sock; but nothing done on my colourwork socks.  No knitting on the drive either, was too busy yacking and watching the scenery, interspersed with stops at various crafty shops.

Before I went this was how far I'd got on my Behind the Garden Wall socks
Knit in Wandering Cat Yarns Tabby Cat; the orange isn't that bright in real life.
I also did a swatch for my next jersey
Paton's Jet; been in the stash a very long time.
And I got my new glasses
Nice purple ones.
Hopefully tomorrow the boys and I will get some sewing done if work isn't busy.  Depends also on how everyone is feeling; Ian got the chucky bug and left his mark in the hall this morning.   He didn't get to go to his holiday programme as a result.   I should have listened to Deb and kept them home, but they had a great time at grandma's and it's entirely possible he actually picked it up from the holiday programme rather than grandad.  We'll never really know.
I'm not feeling 100% either, but that's likely to be simply due to the lack of sleep.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

School Holidays

I both love and loathe school holidays.  Thinking of things to do, but still giving them rest time.   5 days this time they've got Autism Society holiday activities.  Yesterday they went to Ferrymead which is a trip back in time to colonial days.    They both enjoyed it which was good.   I wasn't feeling well yesterday so accomplished very little.   I got a little knitting done on my socks and finished a swatch for a jersey that's currently in my head.

Today we did a fair bit in the garden, the boys did sufficient to earn their e-tertainment this afternoon.   Both of them also chose the fabric they want to make placemats with; that will get done later this holiday.   Possibly on Thursday if the visit to grandma and granddad doesn't work out (granddad is currently sick with a vomiting bug); I don't want to inflict them with my boys if either of them isn't quite well, and on a totally selfish note I also don't want them bringing those bugs home.    Next Tuesday we'll get the sewing done if not before.   This weekend isn't an option as I'll be off to Lindisfarne with some friends for a weekend of sewing bliss.  During the weekend I'll probably be hand sewing as I'm not sure if there will be room for my machine as well as 3 people and all their gear in the car.   That's ok though, I've got the shawl to work on for my historical challenge and more work to do on the panniers as well.

Tomorrow the boys have Autism Society again and I've got the dentist; hoping he'll be able to work out what's causing the tooth ache; I've been referred to a different chap at my practice so fingers crossed.  I also need to get a new laundry hamper; ours has finally given in to the abuse it's received from youngest.   It's lasted for well over 10 years though so I can't complain.

I also got new glasses; they arrived today and for $39.95 I'm pretty darned happy!   They fit, they look good and I can see through them properly too.   No frills or coatings and if I continue to be happy I might invest in another pair later.  In the meantime I'm about to subject them to their first ever baking session.   Chocolate brownies for the family and maybe some biscuits.

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