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Sunday, February 05, 2012

A crafty post

Yesterday I went into the guild to what I thought was going to be the monthly meeting; unfortunately it turned out that it's now next Saturday so instead when the president arrived I let her know what I've been doing to promote the guild.  I think she was pretty happy with what Tedge and I have achieved so far and what we have planned for the future as well.   I got a reasonable amount of spinning done too; still a long way to go; always takes a while when you're spinning fine.   Funny thing was I was sitting between 2 people who were both spinning the same sort of colour I was; theirs were darker, but the actual base colour was the same.

I've got some more work done on my Central Park Hoodie, I'm now 11 inches up the back, with another 3 inches to go before I start the armhole decreases.
It's darker in real life than it shows here, but that means it will go with almost anything.  Not black, but anything else I think.   I love this yarn, I expect it to bloom and open up with washing as it's a felted yarn including angora bunny fur.   Should be lovely and warm too.
I'm concentrating on this at the moment, despite desperate desire to cast on for other things and the fact that I currently have a shawl, socks, dishcloth, kids jersey and blanket on the needles.

Now that the boys are back at school I'm exercising again.   Started on Wednesday with the big bike ride and on Friday and today I've done a session of the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred
I'm finding it hard, but I can tell I've done a workout the next day!   This is a good thing; I want to drop a couple of sizes (actually several) to get back to a nice healthy size 12; probably around 60kg.   I'm currently about 15kg above that, and a lot of that is on my tummy.   I am also trying to improve my diet, though that is harder; darn this sweet tooth!


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