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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freeranging ducks

They're finally out on the lawn. Most of the day they've been keeping close to the kids pool, so they've spent very little time in their pool. I think they've forgotten how to get to it tbh. They've been eating grass and a little of their normal food, but not doing much else. The wild duck flew in 10 minutes ago and they've been following her around like their god just landed; very funny to watch. She flew across the lawn as Thomas was picking up the kids toys to keep them away from duck doo and they had a wee moment of panicking about where she'd gone. She then landed and they waddled as fast as they could to get back to her. Will be interesting to see what happens when she flies out for the night.

As well as that yesterday was my birthday. The boys weren't very well behaved, but aside from that it was a good day. I know I have a Wii coming, but it won't be here till new year, I scored one from for $399 new. Very pleased, downside though is I found out afterwards that Thomas was going to get me my dog; aarrgh! I was convinced it'd never happen so it hadn't ever occurred to me that he'd do that for my birthday. It'll happen at some point now though so it's just a matter of when. I want a puppy that I can train not to chase the ducks.
We also went to the movies that night and saw Avatar in 3D again, love that movie. I will definitely be getting it when it comes out on DVD. One of those movies that you wish the world created really existed. I loved the Na'avi.

Last day of the year today here in the Southern Hemisphere. I have a couple of new years resolutions.
1. Exercise more, a run each morning so that when we do get a dog I'm fit enough to cope and also so that my tummy reduces.

2. Drink more water

3. Spend less, I'm planning on going to a hypnotherapist to help with this, I figure that if I spend the $300 or less on that and it works, it's well worth it.

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ducks out

Day before yesterday I went out to feed the ducks after a sleep in, somehow Sam had got out and was the wrong side of the wire fence. Had to open up one side of the fence and then she panicked and got herself into a corner. DH ended up picking her up and popping her over the fence. I've shifted the pool now so hopefully she won't do it again.
Jay has now started moulting so I'll be collecting feathers to clean and then us in an art yarn.

On a slightly less ducky note. On Saturday night we went to see Avatar 3D, I enjoyed it so much we're going again for my birthday. Got to get the tickets tomorrow hopefully. Mum and Dad are going to babysit the boys. They know how late it'll get out, and while I wouldn't say they're happy about it, they will cope.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Charlie's mitts

Charlie's mitts
Originally uploaded by sewsable
Yippee! These took 2 days to finish and I used kitchener stitch for the first time so I'm happy with them. One had a wee whoopsie and I'm hoping that it doesn't cause problems later. There's a little fray check in there (blush).
Charlie lives in Waimate with his Dad and 2 older brothers and it gets cold there in winter. These should keep his hands warm while still letting him get into everything.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A busy week coming up

It's George's birthday on Thursday and his party on Sunday next week so we're frantically tidying the yard.   Lawn is mown and edges trimmed; weeding done and ducks will be staying in their enclosure till it's all over.  
This week will be spent working, tidying the house and baking.  I have to bake for Thursday and Saturday guild meetings too as it's the Christmas munchies on those days so I'm going to be all baked out.
Thursday afternoon I have to go to Spencer park to pick up Ian too so not sure when the groceries will get done!   They need to get done as well cos I'm going to need more storage for the baking.
George also needs a new inner tube for his bike's front tyre, the valve is not working.
I will be so glad when this week is all over and we can relax for a week or so till Christmas.
That's here too, so still got to keep the house tidy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ducks, spinning, knitting and children

Here they are at 5 weeks, still cute but much more feathery.   Not what I would call friendly though.   Tried them on bread for the first time today; I think they might rather like that.   We've got less weeds around too, I keep pulling them to feed the ducks.

Spinning:  I've been working on some baby alpaca and silk I've drumcarded, but have temporarily taken a break from that as the carding is taking too long.   I've started some of the Ashland bay Merino heathered fibre instead.   It's the red one and it's beautiful!    I'll take a photo later of both lots of spinnning.

I've also finally finished playing Fallout 3 so I'm back into the knitting.   Doing the shoulder increases on Ingenue, I'll be doing more of that tomorrow at spinning I think as the weather forecast is horrible and I'm not prepared to take my lovely wheel out in a downpour.   I need to get the jersey done anyway before the fibre is all used up.

Dinner time so discussion of children will have to wait till next time.   See you later!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Duck goes quack

I heard the first quack today, so it looks like Sam is a girl, still only peeping from Jade, but fingers crossed.  Both are just starting to get feathers on the wing tips, can just see this cute little brown tufty bits appearing.  They're still coming indoors at night for the moment so the laundry is a touch funky first thing, but aside from that I'm really enjoying the duck thing.   They're not what I'd call friendly yet, but I'm getting better at catching them to pop them in their day or night cage.   Will have to go and get some grit tomorrow as well as some other food.

I do wish the local cats hadn't spotted them though, atm I have to keep them in the run during the day as the cats are eyeing them up and dreaming of duck dinner.   They should be ok in a few weeks as they'll be big enough to make the cats rethink.   The main thing is I don't want to lose one as I need at least 2 ducks so they'll be happy.  Ducks don't do well by themselves.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Boy do ducks doo!

Day 2: Put them outside for what I planned to be the whole day, and then the southerly blew in! I was out at the time but as soon as I got back I took them out of the cage and back into the box for inside. Put the heater on for them while they dried off and a bit longer, more food etc. They were very hungry first thing! Spent the rest of the morning fixing up an interim inside box using an old cardboard box (a big one) and lining the bottom with some Procare PUL to waterproof it. Hot glue gun holds the waterproofing in place and then I covered that with an old woven plastic sack. They look happier in that, more room to move which is good.
I've just put them back outside for a bit and they're splashing around in their mini-pond (litter tray full of water, lol). In the meantime the sack has been rinsed off and is on the lawn drying. It was very mucky so I think I'll have to wash it every day if possible. The water bowl gets several cleans and fills each day too. They'll get one more feed before they come in and any food left over from the evening will go in with them for overnight. In a couple of weeks we'll transition them to sleeping in their box on the deck instead of in the laundry; it's getting a bit cramped in there.

Here's the cage just after I finished making it

The other night the boys got to use sparklers for the first time, I think they enjoyed themselves! They've been asking for more ever since.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ducky Doo

We have ducklings!   Dropped off this morning which is why I spent yesterday afternoon frantically making them a moveable cage.   They're 3 weeks old atm and very cute.   George has named them Jade (the lighter one) and Sam (the darker one).   We're hoping they're both girls so we get eggs later.
They're currently in the laundry in a box with straw, water and food and the heater on.   I don't like having that on overnight, but we don't have brooder lamps so they have to keep warm somehow.    They came with some chick crumble and we have plenty of greenery to add to the diet, they are much more fond of the silverbeet than the boys!    Got some wheat today too, so I'll soak some in the morning for them.  Still got to get grit, but it's a public holiday here tomorrow so it won't be until the weekend.    Hoping the weather is good so they can be in their outside cage for the next couple of weeks in the day cos they poop heaps and their little indoor box won't cope.   No way will they be let inside without it though.
I'm very proud of the cage, the bottom is open to the ground, has netting on the sides and is nice and sturdy.  Has a good waterproof sleeping area too.   Once they're older they won't need it so much so I'll open up the end so they can come and go as they want.   Atm though they're small and vulnerable to the local cat overpopulation so I'm a little protective; not to mention that they're a little skittish and I dont' want them running.   Will have to block off escape routes this weekend with the rest of the chicken wire.   These guys won't be flyers so we don't have to worry about that at least.

Monday, November 09, 2009

And a lovely weekend was had by 2

A wee while back I posted I'd won a girls night out. Saturday was the day I chose and my knitting friend Joanne and I had a wonderful time! We started at the guild knitting and about 1.20pm we left for the hotel, which was Chateau on the Park in Christchurch. I was working on the beginning of Ingenue (a jersey) from my handspun Romney and Joanne was working on a feather and fan scarf (which looks lovely btw). I've got the neck almost finished over the course of Saturday and Sunday, just 2 repeats to go; and for those wondering, yes I swatched first.
Anyway, getting back to the point. We checked in and half an hour later were on our way to Dressmart in Hornby with the intention of spending our full budgets. I managed, within budget to get 2 skirts, 2 tops, a bra and undies set and my running sneakers. Joanne had a little more to spend, but also did really well with skirts, jeans and tops. We were picked up just on 5pm, back to the hotel and got ready for dinner with a touch of knitting done too.
We had dinner in the restaurant, a fishy theme here. I had the whitebait fritters (a little too eggy) and Joanne had Dory. Then dessert before we paid and left to go and knit. We were meant to go to the movies, but there was only 15 minutes from when we finished to when the movie would have started so we're doing that at another time with the vouchers. Need to give our DH's a little time to recover from looking after the children first.
We did get quite a lot of knitting done that evening instead though, but then Joanne discovered she'd made a mistake so had to undo quite a bit too. We watched "Along Came A Spider" on free to air tv that night and got to bed a little later than planned.
Next morning was a lovely smorgasboard breakfast (pancakes, bacon, hash browns and fruit), followed by; what else? More knitting! And then down for our manicures; J was sneaky and said I could go first, that way she got to knit, lol.
I now have deep burgundy nails, with bling.
Which I then went home and used to start making our new outdoor table, so they're not quite as perfect as they were. I'll post photo's of the start of the jersey and my nails later; as well as the table top. Had to stop before we finished as I was getting blisters.
I guess that's the end of my ramble atm, more ramblings later; maybe after Thursday's spinning meeting.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's finished, it's finished, yippee!

I finished my Aeolian shawl at the guild this afternoon so this is basically a brag post.   It's gorgeous, and that's before blocking. 

Here it is blocking!

I also tried spinning linen for the first time, it's short bits and not going quite so well, got covered in it!   Will keep trying though.

Friday, October 09, 2009

School Holidays and I won something!

All I can really say for that is that I'm glad it's over!   No car for the first week aside from the Thursday so there was way too much computer and tv for the boys.   Weather wasn't great either which didn't help.
Monday this week they went to Grandma's place so I could go to the sock knitting day over in Bishopdale with the spinning guild.   I then picked Ian up and took him to his first session at the University for a course we're doing there.  He spent most of his time telling me he wanted to go home now.  
Tuesday we went to Willowbank which was definitely enjoyed if rather quicker than expected.   Wednesday both boys went to Grandma's for an overnighter; bliss!   I did quite a bit of knitting, a little tidying and Thursday morning went to the Heathcote spinning guild; which I'm going to join!    Unfortunately when I picked the boys up I found out they hadn't been very good, so no TV till after 5pm yesterday as well as no Xbox and PC at all for the rest of the week.
Got a phone call yesterday morning from "The Breeze" which is a local radio station.   I'd won the ultimate girls getaway, so I've invited Joanne from my knitting group to join me for a night at a hotel, followed by a small shopping trip and a manicure.   Should be good.   Just waiting to hear back if the night I want is ok with Joanne and if so then I'll ring and hopefully book it.   Has to be a weekend night.

Got a bit further on my sock, halfway through the foot of the first one now, also got partway through the first Agave chart for my Aoelian shawl, thought I'd stuffed it up for a while, but in the end it was simply my counting that was off.   Need to try and get that finished by the end of next month so I'll be taking it to the guild tomorrow instead of spinning.   Part of the reason for that though is that the weather is awful atm and I don't really want to take the wheel when it's peeing down with rain even if she does have a custom made raincoat.

Next week's going to be busy too.   Monday is fairly quiet, but I"m going to make a doctor's appointment for the following week for a general checkup.  Haven't had one ever and I need my tetanus shots updated anyway.  Tuesday I'm doing a spinning demo at school, hope it's reasonably warm as I'll be spinning raw fleece which won't be so easy if it's cold.   I'm demoing as it would have been done 100 years ago, so raw is the way to go, no drum carding and I'm not prepared to ruin my combs on raw fleece so I'm using an old flick carder.  Once that's done I can then spin the linen.    Wednesday is the first parents meeting for the course I'm doing with the University; hope I can find a park.  Thursday will be the Heathcote spinners guild again and Friday I'll start back at the gym.

From then on it's Monday and Friday at the gym, Wednesday at University and Thursday at the guild; I do hope Ian starts getting more hours at school so I have a chance to get some other stuff done!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning

First I have to say I had a wonderful time at Glentui and I'm going back next year.  I've already paid my deposit.  It also looks like I may be joining the Heathcote spinning guild as they've invited me back which is grand.
I finished the yarn I was working on when I left for Glentui and although it's DK rather than fingering, it will still make nice socks.  I have also got to the transition on my Aeolian shawl so I'm happy with that.

Now that it's spring I've been sorting things out.  The conservatory is now tidy for the first time in ages; we have a lot less toys and I've started going through my fabric stash.   There's a mountain on one of the lounge chairs of stuff I'm never going to use, which I'll be putting on the trading post of TNN to see if someone else wants it.   I'm hoping I can sell most of it locally as I hate posting things like that.  There's microfleece, polarfleece, denim, suiting and all sorts in that pile. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting ready for Glentui

Very busy this week, working frantically as I won't be home to get anything done this weekend.   So I'm doing my work for WEFT, cleaned out the car and been making Alpaca/Silk batts to spin up while I'm there.   This stuff is so fine my drumcarder isn't really coping as well as I'd like; I'm dreaming of a Pat Green Supercard, but that's never going to happen.  They're not even available over here!
I've been doing some work on my Aoelian too, I'm on the second Yucca pattern and I'm really liking it, she's going with me to Glentui as well as my socks as I need something easy as well.    I'm also taking my current spinning which is the Dorset/Columbia fibre that I dyed and am spinning for socks.   I'll also take some pencil roving that I dyed myself, it's a Merino Acrylic blend which I've never come across before, not sure how it'll wear, but I'm hoping it'll do nice socks.   I'm also taking the batts I'm blending atm; that should be plenty I think.   I'll take a book; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  I've read it before and enjoyed it, but it's not something that will override my spinning mojo.
Gotta get back to work now, Ian's on the computer after having a lot of time drowning the sandpit and being good at school; he's earned this :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Knitting and spinning and Autism

Well, I sent off the yarn for the painting themed yarn swap on TNN this morning, have just realised I forgot to take a photo before sending it; duh!   Went to do some work on the shawl I have just started and found that the new needles have a raised bit which is catching on the yarn; luckily Morag at Vintage Purls is putting a replacement set in the post but it still means I can't work on it today.
I've finished the first swatch for my Paloma top, it's dried and is just hanging lightly weighted so I can see if I get gauge.   If I do then I'll cast on for that tonight after I've got some work done.  I'm using Elann Lara in the most amazing turquoise.   Should look fantastic when it's done, assuming I do it correctly of course.
Mum's only got a wee way to go on George's jumper too, so he should have that for next winter no problems, though she's just caught a nasty bug and can't get up today.
I'm going to be working on some sock yarn on the weekend, try and get my first 3 ply set up.  Technically it's not the first, that was my Merino/Yak/Silk blend, but this is the first I've dyed and spun from scratch.  One ply is finished, 2 to go.

Had another meeting with Ian's school and GSE (group special education), no more hours yet as he has no time when he is independent so we're still only getting the time that they have a one-on-one person funded for.   So still only 3 hours, next meeting isn't until the 4th week of next term so if we do get extra time it'll be for 6 weeks max before the Christmas holidays.  We're working on getting him a bit more independent at home in the hopes that it will translate into the same thing at school.   They were also doing the application for funding for next year.   It's kind of scary, the max any child can get is 17 hours a week; Ian needs full time support and he's able bodied.   What must it be like for children who can get that 17 hours but are not able to do anything for themselves?

Friday, September 04, 2009


Interesting times as Terry Pratchett would say. Our PC is effectively now new, it has a new motherboard and CPU plus an extra gig RAM, apparently it wasn't uncommon for the particular motherboard we originally had to cause freezing. We'd already replaced the power supply so there's not much left of the original PC aside from the DVD recorder, case and hard drive. She's definitely faster than she was which is good.
Also been doing more knitting, got to contact Patons about the Inca yarn I'm currently using as there's quite a long bit I can't use as it wasn't spun properly; one bit way too thin and further down is way too thick!
Ian's at school now, 3 hours a day. Had a period of time where the school weren't communicating very well, possibly some fault on our side too but I can't see it myself. He's settling in reasonably well, but has had several days off sick; including today. DH is home looking after us as I'm feeling rotten and the boys have been off school to recover. We have our next meeting on Monday after school and we're really hoping that we get some more time, even if it's only the half hour till lunchtime up till next term. Next term he gets a wee bit more funding so extra hours will be easier.
Spinning up a storm as well, just finished the yarn for the latest TNN yarn swap, no photo's atm as I don't want to spoil the surprise. I carded the fibre first and I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. It's somewhere between a DK and Worsted; a trifle thicker than I wanted, but the blend of down sheep fibres pretty much guaranteed a yarn with a little bloom.

In a couple of weeks I'm going to Glentui for the weekend, it's a weekend of spinning with like-minded people from the various Christchurch guilds, really looking forward to it; especially now that I have a sleeping bag. Speaking of that the spending has gone off slightly with DH's bonus. We now have a new BBQ and a few extra bits coming for it, including a BBQ cover and grill thingie.

Will come back when I'm feeling more with it and update properly.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm an addict

I've finally admitted to myself and most of the people I'm friends with that I'm a shopping addict.   It think I always have been but been scared to admit it cos then I'd have to do something about it.
Today I did my last spending, but it was on things I'd committed to before I realised the problem.   It came out of my spending money for the fortnight and there won't be any more.   Funny thing is I'm feeling quite good, my sewing mojo is on its way back which is great and it actually felt almost freeing knowing that I'm not going to be spending.
I think I may have to spend a little though, the computer is freezing on me, it's been to the shop and nothing wrong with the components and I've reinstalled XP after formatting the hard drive so it's not data related.   I suspect it's due to overheating and wouldn't still be happening if they'd cleaned her like I asked.  So tomorrow she's going back into the shop.

One good thing happened today though, aside from my usual session at the guild doing some knitting I went to WWKIP day (world wide knit in public) and I won a competition!   I'd taken Ian's jersey
into the guild to show off.  I've been knitting this thing for 3 months now and I've hated it!   The pattern was a very large chart with lots of right and left twists resulting in a cabled look.  It's called Sherwood and is available on   Unfortunately the yarn I was using which was one of my earlier handspun wasn't suitable for cables, and I didn't have enough of it to do the whole thing.   I finished the main part and decided to make it a vest with the wrong side showing.  Had to do it at night so the boys didnt' learn any new words.

Anyway, I put it in a competition at the WWKIP and it came second!   I won some lovely 10 ply yarn from Amy as well as a couple of magazines and a set of DPN's.  Was so chuffed :).   The ladies at the guild were all very impressed as well and now that I've finished it I actually quite like it.    Ian gets it for his birthday tomorrow.
Wish me luck with the horrible PC, we can't afford a new one so they'd best be able to fix it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The concrete weekend

Last weekend was very busy, I didn't go to spinning simply so we could get our concreting done. The area we're concreting started off as an interlocking paver covered weed section and a weedy throughway to the shed.   It's now a nicely concreted area, with a 1.5' gap where we ran out of concrete.   So tomorrow I'm picking up more cement, builders mix and have booked the mixer in again for Sunday to get it finished.   We'll also get the last 8 piles for the deck concreted in and then the deck is all we have to finish outside.

Saturday had a slight hiccup in the evening though, DH went to get fish and chips with eldest and some idjit ran into them on a roundabout.   So I have been organising panelbeaters and insurance etc this week.  Also started losing oil, luckily that turned out to simply be a faulty oil filter which was free to fix.   The panelbeater can't get the car in till 30th March, but once he realised we have 2 children he's offered a courtesy car for a smaller fee than normal.   I said we couldn't really afford $20 +GST per day, but I was wondering how we'd cope for a week or so with no car.  Luckily he's offered us a Kia something or other for $50 total.  Going to get the car and George fitted for a new carseat tomorrow and then fax the quote to the insurance company.  Once that's approved then it's all plain sailing insurance wise.  I'll be really glad once it's all done though.

Inside I'm working on the bathroom area still, wallpaper is all off and I've finished patching holes and things.  Sanding tomorrow, including the wood if I have time.   Then on Monday I'll seal the gib while Ian's at Grandma's.  Then it's lots more painting, before we can get the vinyl tiles laid.  Haven't heard back on the shower room yet, so not much to report there aside from the fact that we're not going with a full wet room, $7000 is a bit too much to spend.

On the crafting side I finally have my electronic spinning wheel sorted so I'll be plying the 8 bobbins for my jersey which will tell me if I've spun enough or not.  If I have then I get dyeing as brownish grey isn't really a flattering colour on me.  Also got to read the instructions for my spinning course too, the fibre isn't here yet but it's been paid for so I hope it's not too far away.  I'd like to get it washed before the winter sets in.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home Improvement

Been very busy recently organising a revolving credit part for our mortgage.  With that we've paid off the credit cards, which is how they're going to stay.   We've also put the floating part of the mortgage on it and are doing some improvements to the house.

1.  The one that started us on the mortgage change - a home ventilation system.  After talking to all of them we've gone with Healthaire which filters to 0.2 microns and is custom designed to your home.  It's not cheap, but was still cheaper than the best known one in NZ and significantly cheaper than the heat exchange versions.  It's being installed on Tuesday next week.

2.  Bathroom area.  We're replacing the carpet with vinyl, going from cream carpet (a nightmare with a pre-schooler who misses) to a deep peacock tile look vinyl, the walls are being stripped of wallpaper and painted in Resene Duck Egg Blue (I think that's right); it's a lovely light green with a blue tinge.  The rimu is all being sanded back and varnished; we're keeping the current toilet, bath and hand basin.  Have got a new wall mirror/cupboard which is also rimu. 
The shower is going to be replaced, it's not coping with DH's weight and is making some rather alarming noises; it's also chipped on the base and not really large enough. DH wants to transform the room into a step-in shower, which I'm ok with depending on cost.  Should find out if that's viable next week.

3. Outside.  The service area outside the back door and walkway to the shed is being concreted, the reinforcing wire for that is arriving tomorrow and then we can box it all up ready to go.  Needs to be compacted too.   It was all in interlocking cobbles and was always growing weeds, this will be so much better.   Outside the conservatory which is the BBQ area is going to be a deck, all the stuff for that is arriving tomorrow too.   There's going to be a lot of work, but it will look much better after it's all done.

Once all that's done there are a couple of smaller things like upgrading the PC and getting an expensive service done on the car.  We'll then be paying it all off before putting a room onto the side of the garage for my craft room so the boys can have separate rooms inside the house.   It's all very exciting and a little scary.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healthy living

This is something I started on a week or so back, fell over on the weekend with a crunchie bar, but back on track now.

I'm aiming at a healthy body and mind, both for me and the boys (DH is doing some too, he's cut down to 4 cups of coffee a day).    Here's what I'm doing:

* No TV until 5pm, this started yesterday and applies to the boys PC as well, unfortunately the PC is currently on as DH promised George he could have it after school.  He now knows better.  I noticed on the weekend that George and Ian play more and are better behaved without them.

* No sweets or junk food.  Finished the last thing of chips today and there's no sweets in the house aside from a thing of lollypops thats a couple of years old.

* Trying to make meals more healthy too, today isn't a great example as we're having chicken pie from Couplands, but there will be more veges than normal, all from our garden.

* Exercising more.  Taken yesterday off as we shifted 4 tonnes of interlocking pavers and scraped the dirt off them over the weekend so we've done enough.  Did some jogging into kindy this morning though.  Have my personal trainer tomorrow, we'll probably do some boxing.

* Using my juicer, just finishing off a yummy fruit and vege juice now.  I hope this will help me detox.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring; we're all wet!

Weekend before last a storm front came through on the Sunday.   Started with a lot of hail which blocked up the drains, then came the downpour!   Our gutters didn't cope and normally this isn't a problem, but for some reason this time they sent the water over the interior lip of the gutter, into the overhangs and down the inside of the windows.   Had to run around frantically putting towels on window sills and unplugging electrics.   Then went outside where it was cold (been 30 deg cent before then).  Unblocked all the downpipes except one which I had to remove alltogether as it was just too blocked up.  We'll have to reattach that one to the house as the bracket was broken.
Next weekend we're taking an inch off all the bottoms of the downpipes so there's a gap between them and the grating, and we'll be installing an overflow system using poly pipe inserted into the guttering and placed a little higher than the bottom of the gutter so that it'll only let water through if the gutter fills up.

I think Sunday's are a day when important things happen, cos this Sunday just gone no downpour, but Dennis the Menace had a stroke and had to be put down.   RIP furrball.
He's now in the garden permanently.  Seems strange not having to close down the laundry at night and not having to check for cat before setting the alarm when we go out.   Hoping to get a dog at some point now, wish us luck.
Still spinning and knitting.  Almost finished my second pair of socks and 3 bobbins into the 2.4kg of Romney that I"m spinning up to make myself a cardigan.  Will probably dye the fibre once it's all spun up.

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