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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quick update

Have finished a few things in sewing, but haven't got time to post pics atm; will have to do that later. I've done a couple of Ottobre T's as well as 1 pair of plain sweatpants for the gym. I've finished knitting 2 beanies in Patons Zhivago and a number of cotton dishcloths for Christmas presents. I've also make a cardigan in Naturally Yarns Vero (Pink/purple) for Gabriella (Jan and Robert's daughter). I put pink daisy buttons on it and it was very cute. I'm using the remaining skein to knit a hat for a TNN swap; no piccies yet though!

I'm also working on a sweat-jacket which I'm planning to add some swarovski crystals!

As far as the GF is concerned we've been GF since September and have seen a bit of improvement in George's speech, but not much in the way of changes aside from that. It's possible they are a bit calmer; certainly noticed a difference when they had an infraction! DH is finally supporting it a bit which makes things easier. I'd like to try milk free as well, but DH is so anti that it's not even worth trying atm! Maybe later.

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