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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Silk Necklace

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My last Ravelympics item which I knitted in about an hour from handspun silk (navajo plied). I love this! Still have some yarn left so that'll be knitted up into a shorter necklace I think. Good thing is I can change the donut easily so it can be changed to suit what I'm wearing.
I'm thinking I might do 7 rows instead of 9 to make it narrower and maybe try 100 stitches instead of the 180 the pattern called for on the next one.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A snowball fight in February

Who knew?  Ian decided my ball of sewing up yarn was perfect for snowball fighting this afternoon.  So after helping me make pikelets he proclaimed a snowball fight and we threw the ball at each other for a while.   It's currently 27.6 deg so just as well he chose a snowball that wouldn't melt.  
All the animals are finding the heat trying.  Ducks are under their tree panting, sure they have water, but it's in the sun so they're staying out, guinea pigs are pitching tents in their run (little newspaper tents) and Smokey the kitten is sleeping and not eating a huge amount, too busy waiting for things to cool down.
I wish I could do that, I'm working atm with lots of Merino Possum on my knee, and before you ask, yes I've reduced my claim time by the time spent blogging.

My More Ribs than a Condom jersey is finished!

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Finally all done, not blocked, but it's finished as far as I'm concerned. Tried it on this morning, took it off quickly as it's going to be a hot day so will be wonderful in winter.

Aside from that it's been hot here recently, 30 deg and occasionally more! Boys have been on the slip n slide and in the pool and I'm not looking forward to doing my work, but I have to tonight.

Also getting ready for my next yarn swap (3 actually), have just sent off for the yarn for my shawl swap. It will be dyed to be sent off when it arrives and not yet sure which base I'll be using. I got oatmeal and silver. Currently using my warping board to set up a 3m skein to make a striping yarn for socks. That'll be half of that swap and then I'll do 100g of a DK in the same plan.
Final one is already dyed, had it in my stash for a while, was done using lemonade, lime and orange kool aid. This is for a lady's daughter who doesn't like pink. It's a nice fresh looking yarn and should suit a little girl nicely. It's a bulky yarn though, so not enough for a dress, just a hat or something.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Blueberry picking

After I got home from spinning yesterday we went blueberrying with the boys.   Had a great time despite the heat, both boys enjoyed it, especially Ian who outpicked his brother.   I ate quite a few last night for pudding and even the not quite ripe ones were yummy.   We got almost 2kg; quite a bit went into the freezer and the rest will be eaten over the next couple of days.
We then went to Hallensteins out at Dressmart Hornby and got DH 3 pairs of shorts, and the boys a t-shirt each (t-shirts were size S mens!).    George chose Transformers and Ian wanted a more random print.  They're a wee bit big, but not as bad as I expected.    I got an icecream which I shared with DH.
This morning we went out for our usual boot camp, scootered there and back, so got a total of 1h40m exercise, and this afternoon I'll be doing my workout on the Wii, so I'm well and truly doing the good work.

Thursday coming will be interesting too, going to see a hypnotherapist to see if she can help with my spending and sugar addictions.   Fingers crossed.

Friday, February 05, 2010

ingenue blocked

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Finally it's all finished and looks and feels really nice. Almost looking forward to winter, almost.
Started a shawl (Shetland Triangle) and a pair of socks (broadripple). Both in more handspun and both are looking good so far. Will post WIP pics later, the lights starting to go now.

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