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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leave the kitten alone!

I've been telling the boys that this morning for when she gets back from the vet this afternoon.  Smokey has gone in for her op so that she becomes an 'it'.   I know George will leave her alone, but I think I'll have to be extra vigilant with Ian once she's home as we don't want her getting hurt with the way he picks her up.   It's not too bad normally, but with an incision it won't be a good thing.
George wanted to know if we could go and get a puppy now, I said not until after Smokey has recovered from her op!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Going to the Animals Mummy!

That's been Ian's cry for the last few days even when he's been at school.   So this morning we finally went to Willowbank and he got to see the animals!  He got to pat a wallaby, horses, pigs, a flemish giant rabbit and an ostrich.  It was a good morning, unfortunately I realised halfway there that I'd forgotten the camera and it was too late to go back by then.  We'll go in the Easter holidays too though so hopefully I'll remember then.

We dropped off at PGG (Pyne Gould Guinness) on the way back and I picked up 30 netlon bags so I can start washing my Merino for my course.   So much easier to deal with than delicates bags.

Not been knitting a whole lot, too busy playing an Xbox 360 game.  I have managed to finish the first sock from my handspun though and the second one is 2 rows in.   I love them!  I'll post a photo once I've finished the second one.  I'm also into the main part of the sleeve for my Central Park Hoodie with Viking cables.  I'm doing both sleeves at once which means it's taking slightly longer but at least both sleeves should be the same.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Been a busy week this week.   Monday I spent cleaning and tidying.  Tuesday Mum came over and cleaned my kitchen up as it was apparently "disgusting".  DH didn't notice any difference which didn't please Mum too much, but it definitely looks better.   The next couple of days were spent doing work and the mending pile.
I now need to cut out pyjamas for the boys and myself and make a new bean bag.  
Yesterday I went to the guild and got another 2.5" done on the sleeve of my Central Park Hoodie, it's going to look fab!   My sleeves are my tension pieces and before I cast on the body I'll be washing and blocking them to ensure all is ok. 
When I got home the boys and I did some gardening, so the area in front of the lounge is cleared of weeds and planted with Cabbage palm which is like a kale, corn salad, bright beets, purslane and carrots.   Hoping they do well for winter.
Then Thomas and I went out to the movies while my SIL, Raewyn looked after the boys.  George had written to her asking her to look after them so we could have some time out.  Isn't that sweet?   Anyway we went to Avatar again, but the 2D version this time and still really enjoyed it.  So that's 3 times now!   Nothing else on atm really appealed though.

Today was busy too, workout in the morning at the park, then washing out, then mowing the lawn which was hard work as it was long and I'm using a push mower.   Then did the dishes and I'm now working before I do my Wii workout in 30 minutes.   I think I'll be glad when today's over!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The promised photo!

shetland displayed
Originally uploaded by sewsable
Here it is in all its glory. I love this shawl! Going to have to knit more shawls definitely, might do a couple for family if I can get myself to let them go. I have plenty of yarn though so I should be able to get a couple of them done easily enough. Only downside is that we've now chosen to make the Christmas gift giving a draw in my family and I'd probably get Dad. For Thomas's family no gift giving to siblings or parents, the nephews won't appreciate them either.
Still, I don't really need Christmas to give my female rellies something nice. Better work out which shawl to do next, though I know I'll be doing an Ishbel in green for someone.

Monday, March 01, 2010

More knitting, a shawl is done!

No picture yet, but there will be once it's finished blocking.  The most beautiful Shetland Triangle Shawl from the Interweave Wraps book in my handspun Silk/Merino/Cashmere.  I didnt' use all the yarn, and it's bigger than I thought and beautiful!  It's pink which is not a usual colour for me and I added some beads to the edging and I'm very very pleased with it.
I'm just doing some carding now to free up my favourite mini table for balling up the yarn for my next project.  I'm going to be doing a Central Park Hoodie (CPH) in Naturally Sensations Navy.   I've had the yarn in my stash for a couple of years now and I saw one done by Sheryl (Shortly on TNN) and I thought I had to do that too!   After that comes my Vivian by Ysolda Teague, got a call today to tell me my yarn has been dyed so I'm picking that up tomorrow.  I'll post a photo of that too when I get it.
I'm a knitaholic!   However, I really need to do some sewing soon, the boys need winter pj's and so do I.  They also need new woolly singlets which I'll sew from Merino fabric; their current ones are rather too short.

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