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Monday, April 25, 2016

Just a quick update

1. the hip pain it seems is from my back, I have an exercise to do to fix this and I'm not supposed to bend.  I've been cutting out fabric and scrubbing shellfish which have involved bending, but both had to be done.

2. I've also got the side pain back in the place that landed me in hospital last year, though it's not as bad.  I'm suspecting it might be related to my elevated liver levels and I also suspect that my high sugar intake may well be part of it, so, I am not stopping sugar (again) and going to start exercising (again), the exercise I have to be careful with until the physio clears me for it.  The doctor is monitoring the liver levels, but I'll have to tell her the pain is back.  I need to do this for me (I want to be healthy, bugger the weight) and I need to do it for my family as well.  

3. I've been sewing (see #1), have got over halfway through 2 school shirts, the type with stand collar and cuffs etc.  These are for Ian and being white are boring, but necessary.  I also cut out a dress for me for winter in fabric that's been in the stash for aeons.

4. Have had to order yarn, this was not by choice, it was due to a case of yarn chicken that I am going to lose, I have a small lump of yarn in my main colour for my Strokkur jersey and I need more than that so had to order another skein, which of course means you need to order something else to go with it so you've got a chance of getting a project out of the leftovers.  I waited to do the order till I was certain of the yarn chicken thing, I'm just starting the colourwork section tonight.

5.  Been using the breadmaker most days, not yesterday or today though as I had to soak the pan cos the paddle wouldn't come out.  It's now drying so there will be bread tomorrow.  Going to try making rye bread as I'm hoping it's higher in fibre and lower in white carbs.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Frog pond

I've just finished the first of the next Sock Madness socks, unfortunately I won't be knitting its mate and this one will be frogged.  Very tight gauge with lots of increases in the middle of cables.   My hands are very unhappy after one sock, I suspect after two they'll refuse any further knitting for some time.  Also said sock is really hard to get over my heel so it won't get worn. 

As a result this beautiful sock will be frogged so I can reuse the yarn; I wish I hadn't cut it, but that's ok, it'll just lose me a few centimetres, not enough for the colour to change.

The yarn is Wollelfe gradient from Austria and I am in love!

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