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Friday, August 24, 2007

Gluten issues

Well, just found out that both my boys are gluten intolerant. We had blood tests done for IgG levels. Normal is between 1 and 20; George's was 49 and Ian's was 61! We're not going gluten free immediately as I want to check for milk protein issues first, so we're taking a couple of weeks with no dairy before going gluten free. I'm hoping that the milk won't be a problem because that will mean we can still have cheese.
So, no more takeaways, no more bought bread considering the bought versions cost $6 per loaf which is daylight robbery! I've got us a juice fountain a new toaster (the old one was dying anyway), and I had enough fly-buys points to get a waffle maker. Unfortunately I have no idea where I'm going to put everything and the stuff we're keeping is going to have to be scrupulously clean so we don't have cross contamination (another reason to wait for a couple of weeks).
I'll put all the wheat based stuff in the hall cupboard so it won't tempt the boys and I'll have to bake often which I don't do now.
I'm also going to be looking into seeing if I can get a referral through the public health system to see Rodney Ford (Dr Gluten), he's too expensive to see normally and if he confirms George is gluten intolerant we may be able to get WINZ support to help with the expenses involved. We already get if for Ian as he is on the Autistic Spectrum.
DH isn't 100% committed and probably won't be until we see results, and maybe not even then, it may well be considered to be a "coincidence". We have seen big results with Ian from the use of Efalex fish oil, but there is still a way to go; and George has some major language delays. Even at almost 5 he's still hard to understand so I think it's well and truly worth a try.

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