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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fitteds now in play

Well, the snap press arrived and I've made 3 fitted nappies. Inner of powerdry, 2 layers of sherpa, plus internal soaker of 2 layers of hemp terry. I also have a snap in soaker of 2 layers of hemp terry which is long enough to fold in two to get 4 layers in the wet zone. The snap-in soaker also has powerdry on the side facing baby.
Outer is a batik flannel print from Spotlight which looks fantastic, but being a looser weave may not wear as well as I'd like. Will have to use these fairly often to get an idea of how they'll perform long term.
I made one of these with hook and loop fastenings and the other 2 with snaps. Stuffed up the snaps on one, but managed to fix them.

I now need to make a whole lot for my SIL who's expecting a baby at the end of next month. I won't do more than 3 newborn as I know she'll have a whole lot of sposies saved up. However I will do quite a few small so she can change over. Hope to convert her to cloth (evil laugh).
If she gives them a decent trial it will also tell me how my sizing performs on a newborn. I'm hoping I've got it right, but hard to tell when my youngest is 18 months!
SIL will get several made from Buzzy Bee flannel. I can't sell these ones as I don't hold the licence, but can make them for family.

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