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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ug is probably the right word

Since my last post not a lot has happened.   I've done a little spinning and some knitting and some sewing, but not a lot of any of those things as I've been under the weather.

Before the school holidays I got a cold, as I was recovering from that I started feeling dizzy and off balance and that has continued ever since to some degree or other.   My chiropractor has had a good go, but as it hasn't helped that I don't think it's part of the issue.   My doctor and I both think I probably have a viral inner ear thing going on and we just have to wait it out, it's either that or related to my perimenopause.   I'm kind of hoping for the inner ear thing, at least that has a probable time frame of just another couple of weeks; the other could go on for years!   I'm also being sent in for an iron test though due to the other issues PM is causing for me which I don't need to go into here.

Financially we're feeling a smidge better, so I've bought some yarn to replace the stuff I had to sell, not all of it, but there are a few to come aside from these and I'm investing more in DK than fingering for a change as I still have tonnes of fingering
This will be a Pixelated for me using grey and dark purple as the other two colours

This will be socks for me for wearing in boots probably

and this is going with a single red skein I have to make striped socks
The other skeins coming are some plain undyed DK from Vintage Purls, some in a black/teal DK and one skein of plain salmon pink in fingering weight.  

I've got 2 pairs of socks on the go at the moment, not counting the 2 that are on hold.  
Plain vanilla socks, almost finished the gusset in the second one

This is for the GOT KAL at Wandering Cat Yarns, I'm using the pattern Riverrun and the very pretty yarn was also dyed by them.
I haven't started weaving yet, but I need to very soon as I won the New Weaver's Award for this year!    I had planned on spending it all on Texsolv heddles and a Warping Mill, but it looks like I might not have to spend it all as guild members have offered me a mill second hand and also some heddles.   I may well still need to get more heddles, but it should save me a bit so I might be able to afford another reed or some linen yarn!   The whole thing is very exciting and as soon as I'm feeling better I'm going to warp up some brushed mohair and get weaving on my current set up.
The reason I want the mill and the heddles?   The mill would enable me to warp up much longer warps and the heddles should give me a clear shed without warp threads being at different heights, the current string heddles can be a bit all over the place which means more paying attention and less rhythm.

On the sewing front I've got the bodice done for my 1810's dress, I need to trim and pin the pleats for the top of the skirt, but need the lounge floor to be free of children and my head to be clear to finish that.
This is the back, sleeves are handsewn in place
I also had to sidetrack on the sewing and do some singlets for eldest.   I got the fabric ages ago for very cheap as it smells a bit like it was in a smokey room, it's not too bad and I'm pretty sure will improve with time in the wash and air.   I think it cost me around $30 total and I got 4 of them made.  Bought wool singlets in size 12 cost about $29 each so I've saved around $90 which is pretty good
This is Kwik Sew 2464 which appears for some unknown reason to be out of print.  It is an excellent basic underwear pattern for boys aged 2 till 16.
I've got one more to do, had to make some changes as my fabric was in a tube, but it was fairly easy to do.   Next thing is the dress and then the mending and ironing pile, ick.
hemming, ironing and repair work in this pile.
And finally, I spun up a braid of fibre in the #MEGASAL in the colourway "Quoth the Raven"
It's darker IRL, my carpet is charcoal to give you some idea of how much the cellphone camera washed out.

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