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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wool Lover Blog Hop

Pieced Brain 

I've been waiting for a while to be able to show you this.  When the blog hop first came up I wasn't sure if I wanted to take part; what would I make?   I agreed to do it before I had any idea what I was going to make.  Many knitting projects take too long and spinning while fascinating to watch often results in a skein that looks better in person or once knitted up.    Felting is not something I'm good at and nor is crochet; though I do make a mean dishcloth in cotton. Cotton though is not what was needed for this hop so I kept thinking.  Sewing was an option and I did have a possibility for making a shawl for my historical outfits, but then the latest installment from the Vintage Purls Winter Sock Club arrived and all my problems were solved!

Each winter there is always a colourwork pattern in the club, several times these have been socks which would have taken too long, last time was a tam which would probably have been ok, but this time was the cutest thing ever!

May I introduce you to Bunnybags aka Miss Moneybags.
Yarn is leftovers from other Vintage Purls projects; in its prior outings this yarn became a pair of bug socks and a pair of bug mittens.   It's lined with 100% wool felt and sewn into the frame with wool too.
The inside, not as neat as I'd like; never sewn one of these up before and it was quite awkward.

The bottom, this is a moss stitch derivative; ignore the crumb, not sure what that's from.
I knit this in the round using stranded colourwork; one colour in each hand.   It is steeked (a narrow area knit with the intention of cutting the yarn).

  I've really enjoyed this journey for the Wool Lover Blog Hop; here's the schedule for the rest of the posts in this hop; please go visit everyone and leave comments; there will be some amazing items!

Here is the schedule:

Monday, September 23

Tuesday, September 24

Wednesday, September 25
Maria do Carmo (Pieced Brain will be hosting!)

Thursday, September 26

Friday, September 27

Hallbrook Designs


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finally the stays are completed!

And they're done early enough that I don't have to put them in the post due on Sunday for the wool blog hop which I'm pleased about.

Not 100% happy with the placement of the shoulder straps

Flat front, this is historically correct I think.

Back lacing more even than last time; I think it'll look better when I lose a little pudge.
The Challenge:  Wood Metal and Bone

Fabric:  3 layers.   Lining is quilting cotton, then there's a layer of something unknown for strength and the top layer is cotton canvas.   I've also used 2 chamois cloths for the binding and polyester ribbon for the lacing.   The boning is all plastic zip ties and I have a wood busk (thanks to Mitre 10 for the wood paint stick).   I'm still working on the lacing I'll use in the end, but that's from linen thread being made into a cord on a lucet.

Pattern: Ralph Pink pattern, upsized.

Year: 1770

Notions: Polyester thread, cotton thread.

How historically accurate is it?  Fairly accurate I think.   The pattern is from an extant garment, though the body in it is definitely modern (need to cut out the sugar), many of the fabrics are fairly similar to what was used originally.   I'd guess at about 80%

Hours to complete:  Many, a lot of handsewing with all those little eyelets and the binding.

First worn:  Just now, been wearing it for close to an hour and my back is much happier in this than it was in the commercial corset I've got.

Total cost:  Probably around $20

In knitting news I've finished the first sock from my pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks

The yarn is from HappyGoKnitty; her shop is not stocked at the moment as she's just moved, but I'm sure she'll be stocking soon.   This yarn is merino/silk.   It was a little cheaper than normal due to some white spots in the yarn, but that didn't particularly bother me; I just love the colour changes!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do you like the 1930's?

If you do then you want to enter the giveaway at American Duchess for a pair of Claremont Oxfords; if you're not in the US you'll probably have to pay post, but they are gorgeous!
I would love a pair of these, even though I don't wear clothing from the '30's they'd go with heaps in my normal wardrobe too.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Crazy About Wool Bloghop

Pieced Brain 

I don't have all the details yet, but I'm working on my project.   Currently picking up stitches and the one thing I didn't have for it arrived today; I'm feeling excited!   On my day on the blog hop you'll get to see what I'm working on.

I am working on other projects as well, my pink/orange socks had reached the kitchener stitch stage, then I tried them on and ripped the toe back.   Just a touch too snug and much as I love my mum I don't want to give her another pair of socks right now; I need at least another two pairs myself.  At least both of the pairs I need are on the needles, so it's just a matter of actually finishing knitting them.  Pair number two though is only just started and it's my first ever pair of knee-high's so this might take  a while.

The sewing has gone on hold for a short bit while I work on the secret project and while I deal with the spring cleaning bug.    Best way to deal with it is to go with the flow; starting on our bedroom and have already finished the main dressers; bedside cabinets started and then the wardrobe to go.   One room at a time.

Still no movement on the garage front; waiting on pricing for the concrete walls.   The likelihood of the garage being up before Christmas is I suspect getting less and less likely.    I hope it does as the kids Christmas presents will be much better protected in a garage than on the deck.  I think we need a minor miracle.

Oh, while I remember, tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition my guild has at the South Library in Colombo St.   If you have time go and have a look; it's really well done and all the work displayed is of excellent quality.   Some really inspirational pieces, knitting, spinning, weaving and tapestry for starters.   There's even some felting; gorgeous.

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