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Monday, December 05, 2005

On the left is my first ever cover. I took my fitted pattern and adjusted it to make a great side snap cover. I didn't make the elastic quite firm enough in the back, but aside from that it's a great fit. I'll be making patterns for all my sizings now and then I can make some for my SIL's impending arrival.

The next photo is detail of the sleeping bag I made for Ian who's just started climbing out of the cot if not in his bag. It's getting too warm to put him in his polarfleece bag so I did some searching for a pattern I could adapt. I ended up using a tank top pattern (Ottobre 2/2005 No19). I made a bigger size as it's a close fitting pattern and lengthened it as well as inserting a cf seam to put the zipper in.
I'm fairly happy with it, but my sewing is not as good as normal, I was in a big hurry!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fitteds now in play

Well, the snap press arrived and I've made 3 fitted nappies. Inner of powerdry, 2 layers of sherpa, plus internal soaker of 2 layers of hemp terry. I also have a snap in soaker of 2 layers of hemp terry which is long enough to fold in two to get 4 layers in the wet zone. The snap-in soaker also has powerdry on the side facing baby.
Outer is a batik flannel print from Spotlight which looks fantastic, but being a looser weave may not wear as well as I'd like. Will have to use these fairly often to get an idea of how they'll perform long term.
I made one of these with hook and loop fastenings and the other 2 with snaps. Stuffed up the snaps on one, but managed to fix them.

I now need to make a whole lot for my SIL who's expecting a baby at the end of next month. I won't do more than 3 newborn as I know she'll have a whole lot of sposies saved up. However I will do quite a few small so she can change over. Hope to convert her to cloth (evil laugh).
If she gives them a decent trial it will also tell me how my sizing performs on a newborn. I'm hoping I've got it right, but hard to tell when my youngest is 18 months!
SIL will get several made from Buzzy Bee flannel. I can't sell these ones as I don't hold the licence, but can make them for family.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pocket design complete

Now finally happy with my pocket nappy design. Holds poo really well, no wet leaks either. I have my first one listed for sale on Trade Me with a starting price of $20, no buy now as I want to see what the market thinks. No bids as yet, but it's early days and I am a new player.
Most people on TNN who've seen the photo think it looks good, Ian hasn't been able to strip out of it yet either, which is fantastic!
I'm still planning on making fitteds too, but waiting on my snap press for this as I want a snap in soaker to make for quicker drying.
Even if they don't sell initially I have to say I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Well, not much been going on on the nappy front, I've tweaked the patterns, but am now considering making fitteds and covers instead. I'm waiting on lots of fabric from the US so I can try a few different things.
I find I love fitteds, they are more absorbant, just not quite so easy to get on when bubs is trying to leave!
I've got french terry, sherpa, burleigh knit terry and hemp on their way as well as some PUL, suedecloth, powerdry and Malden Mills microfleece. Hopefully I'll find the ideal combo.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Prototype nappy Posted by Hello

All about RacieBaby

RaCie Baby started when I decided it was too expensive to continue buying disposable nappies for my two boys. I started to design Paddy Pants which are pocket nappies from either PUL and microfleece, or Polar fleece and microfleece.
Once the design is perfected I will then be selling (I hope), to other mums who feel cloth is the best for them and their children.

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