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Saturday, November 29, 2014

On Black Friday

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting a little tired of all the Black Friday adverts everywhere.   I admit I've taken advantage of a couple to get some Collete and Sewaholic patterns that I would otherwise have simply drooled over from afar, but for most things the shipping to NZ is still appalling.   The patterns are all PDF's so shipping didn't come into it, I might be playing a different tune though when I'm printing them out, running out of ink and sticking them all together.

As tempting as it is to buy yarn from overseas I've held firm.   There is some coming from the North Island but that's not for me, it's for eldest to learn to weave with on his new (to us) TekoTeko table loom.   I've got some merino/angora yarn on the way for that so his first project will be soft and wearable.   It's the beginning of my career in teaching weaving (I think it'll be a while before I'm good enough to teach anyone else, lol)

In order to help pay for this I've listed some yarn on Trademe and will soon be listing some of my books as well.

In crafting news I've finished a cowl aside from the buttons
The yarn is Noro Silk Mountain that's been in my stash for a long time.
 I think I have enough of this yarn left to make a hat in the same colour.   I have 2 other colours as well (Rose and Purple) but they may end up going as I've decided I don't like bulky yarn that much to work with.   12mm needles are not user friendly for me.

The socks I'm working on are up to the heel flap now and the test knit shawl I'm about to hit row 17 of 47 for the final body chart; I'm going to need more beads though I think.   I've got 1.5 tubes left and a lot of beading to go!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I've been documenting my fabric stash into an Excel spreadsheet.   So far I'd say I've done about 80% of it.   There's still some in one 60L box, some more in a drawer, a few bits in my wire basket stacker and then there's the large sea chest in our room.
In case that wasn't enough I went to the new fabric shop (The Fabric Store) that opened on Thursday today.   30% off made it worth while and I only came out with 3 things; 2 of which I went looking for.
As a result I now have 1.5m of lovely linen gauze (blue), 8m of silk taffeta (salmon) and the item I hadn't been looking for is the goat pelt
The linen is going to be a shirt for me, I used to have one I loved in a light yellow many years ago but it wore out.    That was a 1980's oversized one, so this one will be more fitted and it's a little more see-through so there will need to be careful choosing of bra colour but it will be nice to wear.
The silk is another 18th century gown, or will be eventually.  I want to redo the original as the fit wasn't quite right in the bodice (too long in the body and too wide in the neck).   If I change my mind I should have enough to go 19th century instead; will wait and see.
The goat which was the unplanned purchase is going to be a muff; it looks like faux fur, but it is definitely real and I am totally in love.

I've not got much done in the crafting side the last week or two; instead I've started the 30 Day Shred workout programme again to help with my fitness and the RSI.   I've also done some prep work and painting on the concrete structures at the end of our driveway; that was hard work and I'm still feeling tired a day after I finished.

I've sold enough yarn to pay for the fabric above and also a Majacraft Stylus kit for my wheel which was nice.  I'm getting the lace kit for Xmas and birthday so there will be laceweight and woollen spun in my future.  Neither will arrive for another week or two though.

Sewing: Nothing since the skirt but there will be more soon, if nothing else school wants me to do some for them
Weaving:  Also nothing since the scarf, I've got the yarn ready for the next project but can't warp up till I've finished cataloging my fabric.    I also need to finish the application for the new weaver's award.   That is pending me finding the original planning for my placemats which I know is in the studio somewhere......
Spinning:  Another 195m of yarn plied for the stockings, over half a bobbin filled leading towards finishing the Perendale.
Knitting:   Finished chart 3 of the test knit, having issues with the first section of the next chart, but I think I know what the issue might be so about to test that theory.
Isn't it pretty?  Almost up to the second ball

Second sock started in my Merino Possum yarn, loving it.  I think I will be using the double gusset heel in future; cups my arch so much better than anything else I've tried.
Apologies for the low light cellphone photo.

Have cast on a cowl, well, I've done the slip-knot.   The yarn is Noro Silk Mountain and I finally found a pattern that I think will suit the yarn; the 2-hour-artists-loop.  

Our garden is doing well, the corn is a foot high, eaten a few strawberries and the peas have been popular too.   Zuchinni not quite so happy, had to plant a third one as the second is trying to die.   Beans are in pause mode, but the spuds are up and looking good.
The corn is looking good, in the background are our lettuces which are going down a treat.
Tomorrow I'm hoping it's not quite so hot, want to do another workout and there's some sewing to do too I think.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Two Thirds Done

I've finished 525m of the yarn for my eighteenth century stockings, which means another 300m approximately to go.   Some of that is on the bobbins ready to ply, but I will need to spin up some more.
Gilled perendale spun worsted, approximately sport weight as planned.
 This morning we went out on a road trip to The Iris Garden in Motukarara; it's been a few years since I was last there and it's just as beautiful as I remember.   It's only open for a few months a year but worth the trip.

I think this is the one I bought, very similar to my Supreme Sultan, but a little lighter and smaller, it'll be planted further along that same bed.

Loved this butterfly and there were tonnes of bees as well.

We also have some new life here, baby praying mantis; so cute!
Back to the knitting now, going to try and get another repeat of chart 3 in for the test knit before dinner.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I've been busy

The scarf is finished and ready to go up north as part of my application for the Beginner Weaver's award (fingers crossed)
Superwash point twill scarf.   2.3m plus fringes.   Selvedges are straight (whoop!) and it's mostly even.   Superwash is hard to work with though, it doesn't turn into a true fabric but it has such lovely drape and the bits that aren't quite right I'm told are me just being picky.

Heel is turned and I'm halfway through the gussets on the merino possum sock.   I'm afraid my shawl has stalled as the RSI was unhappy after the weaving so I've given things a break.

Perendale plying, this is now finished but still on the bobbin cos I've not had time to wind it off yet.

My favourite iris

and the lovely maple which is beautiful in spring as well as autumn

and my latest project; a linen A-line skirt with ribbon trim and photobombing cat.

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