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Friday, February 03, 2012

Finished Object Friday

Vampires and Mermaids socks are finished; love these socks!

In other news I got the stuff from the hospital today; Saturday next week is not just an appointment, it's the actual colonoscopy; eek!    So I have to go get the stuff to clean things out, and on Friday I get to take that and not eat anything from the beginning of Friday till the end of the procedure.  I don't do well with not eating, I get nausea, light headed etc and apparently the medication will do some of that anyway.   Anyone got any tips on how to survive with no food, lots of toilet time without going nuts?   Not sure if I'll be able to concentrate on knitting either and of course on Saturday morning there will likely be a wait; they say up to 2 hours, but this is public hospital, so could be longer.
Thinking I might take the Kindle and some knitting on the offchance I can concentate.   Might have to download some games on the cellphone despite saying I never would.    Got to remember it's only one day.  Wonder if it'll help me lose weight, lol.


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