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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Well, it looks like I've sewn a wee bit during lockdown.

Quite a bit actually.  I also did some knitting and a lot of Xbox and some work on Gran's chair which I then reversed and am now contemplating the next step.  I'm also working on my hormonal balance since surgical menopause means my body lacks those important hormones.  I've been on the lowest dose for a couple of years, but that's not enough to support bone health and I was getting muscle pain too.  Now up on .75mcg and still in the settling phase; will ask for bloods after a couple more weeks.  Have been getting a little abdominal discomfort but that may well be related to the strawberry jam rather than the hormones; at least that's what I'm hoping!   Anyway I know that's not what you're here for, you want to see my sewing so here it is.

Socks for youngest, this was the first pattern for Sock Madness this year and proved my elbows aren't healed yet

Ghost hat to use up leftovers from a jersey

Baa-ble hat using handspun and more leftovers (the black was leftovers, the rest handspun)

Greenstyle Stride athletic tights.  I do like these, but the Tempos will be my go-to I think.

A Kwik Sew dress, would have looked better without the Strides underneath but it'll be a good one for round the house.  Used up very old stash and a collar I ordered from Ali-Express before C-19

Still trying and failing to recreate my favourite capri pants; these ones are a Jalie pattern and I have camel toe which isn't flattering at all.  They're the closest I've come to the right leg shaping, but I'm really thinking I need to take a pattern off the original pants instead.

The Twig and Tale mask pattern, I love the fabric and the pattern is good enough, but I have one more pattern I want to try that uses darts for shaping rather than a front seam.

Named clothing Kielo dress in merino.  Yes it clings to my fluff, but it's comfy and stylish.  I wish my photographer had let me know to pull it down so the wrinkles on the top weren't there, but that's life.

The back of the Kielo

A pair of Jaywalkers in a lovey yarn gifted to me by Valerie of Wandering Cat Yarns

Another red dress, this is the Gemma by Named Clothing.  It was a wearable toile in cotton french terry; the next one will be in stretch velour

Horrible nighttime photo of the Staple Tank by Greenstyle, this was another wearable toile; I'll be making more in merino for winter warmth

It used 3 fabrics, leftover from eldest's t-shirt (the navy), leftovers from youngest's shark t-shirt (binding) and some butterfly fabric that was gifted me by Valerie from Wandering Cat after she received it and realised it wasn't quilting cotton, but a cotton lycra.

A BUN hat which is charity knitting for the guild and will probably go to the local homeless shelter.  It's wool with a polyester effect thread.  I'm knitting another charity hat at the moment in pure wool.

Pace Skirt from Greenstyle using a cotton lycra sateen and cotton lycra undershorts that are actually from the Moxi pattern since I'd already adapted them to be long enough to stay put.  Legs are red from the bath.

Greenstyle's Evergreen Tee for Dh, he now wants a long sleeved one too.  That'll be tomato red.

Greenstyle Brassie pants in How to Train Your Dragon french terry from For Fabric Sake.

I think I've found a pattern company that works for me, so far all the patterns I've tried from Greenstyle have worked well.  I've got fabric ready to cut out the Whistler Jacket next and of course there will be a few of the tank top and at least one t-shirt for Dh.  I now need to stash dive for the merino and to find the stretch velour I know I have too.  May even make Dh two t-shirts.  I think the boys are both ok for clothes for the moment, except possibly for singlets for youngest; luckily I have some white merino for that too.

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