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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Egg donation

Well, tomorrow I get to go into the Fertility place, take a whole load of drugs and hand over a bunch of eggs. I won't find out who's getting them, though I will get to find out if they actually have a baby.
I'm glad it'll be all over for my end though, feeling a bit bloated atm and it'll be nice to get our fridge back too. I'm going to take in one of my nappies to give to the recipient (The Fertility Centre will be doing the giving) and then that's it for me. I'm too old to do it again now, but I've given 2 couples the chance to have children of their own. I really hope it works for them, hopefully the nappy will be a good luck charm.

More SS replacement

Here's the nightgown I made to go with the little jacket. This is also an Ottobre pattern. Very cute, however no girls to take a photo of it on. This was my first attempt at shirring and I think it worked out quite well. The fabric was some my MIL gave me which I've been wanting to use, but didn't have a project for; until now!

A replacement SS and others

One of the ladies on TNN unfortunately didn't get her SS present, so I volunteered to replace it for her. I've made a couple of items from Ottobre mags for her children, her hubby and herself got much more prosaic pressies (toffee and nuts).
For her young son a jacket in Malden Mills 200wt fleece with a lined hood (organic cotton jersey). Unfortunately I can't do a photo on as both my boys are too big now to fit this.

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