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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Ugh, bugs

Had to pick youngest up from school yesterday due to a cough, it started when he got up that morning, but I had my doctor's appointment and it wasn't bad so....

The doctor's appointment resulted in a referral for further investigation of my endometriosis and I now have an appointment with a private gyn surgeon for next week which is good, very quick response time!  I'm expecting that will result in another claim with the health insurance, but that's why I've got it, right?

A bit before lunchtime (after the doc, but before the call from the gyn office) school rang to ask me to pick youngest bear up from school as his cough was worse and he now had a sore throat and headache.   Apparently his TA had the same thing last week and the class is full of it, hence why he now has it too.   It's been a very bad year for bugs unfortunately.
Kept him home today, aside from a quick trip out for a new charger cable for his iPad (yes, it's a necessity) and some more juice from the supermarket.   Finally made him take some cough medicine around 1pm cos he was coughing so much it wasn't at all nice, that's improved things but he's definitely not well.  Plus he has a sore tooth, and I've checked and there is the beginning of a hole in it, so he'll probably end up back at hospital for that one.
If he's not improved tomorrow with the cough I think there'll be a doctor's appointment for him too, he's not keen, but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to.

Upside is I'm now doing my work during the day so I might finish it tonight, downside is I'm not out in my studio sewing the 1810's spencer.   I did at least get it cut out between the weekend and yesterday morning, and I've got past the gusset on youngest's latest sock.


Sonya said... Best Blogger Tips

This term has been terrible for bugs! I hope he is better quickly, and this is the end of it for this year. (I'm currently failing at knitting with a sick sleeping toddler snuggling on me, he's refusing to let me put him down).

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