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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jaycee Boggs has a new Craftsy Class!

Jaycee Bogg's Spinning Art Yarns is the class, and yes this link will apparently earn me something if you click on it and purchase the class, I'd love it if you did as I've earned nothing so far and I may have just bought the class!
I love art yarns and the idea of a class that shows me how to do it properly and gives me some ideas on how to use the yarn just tickles me pink.  This is Jaycee's second class and the first one was brilliant so I'm expecting this one to be just as good.
I'll have to wait a little before I get to play though, have some fibre I have to spin fairly soon and I also have a petticoat to make and a loom to warp up.   School holidays are having an impact on my time and of course the weather is nice at the moment so the garden is calling.
Tomorrow the plan is to purchase some compost and make use of the boys to help unload the trailer before returning it.  They'll earn their electronics time for the afternoon.   I also need to do more weeding in the "vege patch", read weed patch.  There are some veges in there, broccoli that's flowering, very pretty and some spinach that I can barely see.   I need to rescue that for making smoothies so I can use the pineapple I have in the fridge.


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