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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I really don't like this bug

Further to my last update, later that night Ian's temperature went up to 40.2 degrees according to our dodgy ear thermometer (I've just ordered a better one) and he was most unwell.   A bit confused and coughing still and at some point in the night he also vomited.   I got T to ditch judo halfway through to go and get Pamol as we had none in the house, by the time he got home with it Ian's temp was back under 40 and I monitored him for several more hours.  
Unfortunately it was all up to me, normally T would help, but he had an early flight out to Auckland and needed his sleep; I got to bed at about 11pm and got up several times to check on him.

He was lower in the temp yesterday, but still pretty sad, today he's been better in himself, though still has an extremely nasty cough and the nose bleeds!   One last night, wasn't too bad, just his usual.  This morning's one though lasted for an hour and he's been having them on and off all day.  From what I've seen on Facebook it's part of this bug, but not a part I'm enjoying at all.  The doc pretty much said we've got to ride it out.

I've also got it, so far it's just the cough, but I've been hitting it with Olive leaf and I'm hoping that'll stop it getting too bad, I'm also taking Vitamin C, but I can't get him to take any of those things.
Tonight T is back, and he's going to be on duty as soon as he gets home from judo, I will be wearing my earplugs and hoping like hell that he doesn't cough enough to vomit again.   If I'm going to be bad it should be tonight going by Ian, but so far I think I'm doing better than him.  So tired though, ugh.
Oh, and incapable of working, I tried, but I failed to do much at all, have emailed work to let them know.   I also did the groceries online; possibly not the best idea when not well, got twice as much toast bread as I wanted and no sandwich bread at all, also the tinned corn was the wrong size; not the supermarket's fault, it's all me.

I have got a little knitting done though, almost up to the toe on Ian's second sock, hopefully I'll be able to give that to him as he comes right.


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