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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Planned Post, lol

Now that Ian's healing well I'm going back to my normal post schedule.   He's had his dressings changed and it all looked good, the tetanus shot didn't go quite so well, he pushed it out before the nurse had finished so had to get jabbed again poor lad.   Not her fault and he recovered very quickly in the face of a lollipop.

I did finish my first lot of plying on my new Woollee Winder though, really pleased with it, but do need some practice as it feels slightly overplied
Woolee Winder in action

Finished skein of Merino/Silk, colour is off the green is more green and the blue is actually purple.
The next plan is to start spinning some white and coloured wools to make a cushion for the guild with sheep on it in colourwork, should be very cool.  I'll take photo's as soon as I've chosen both my wools, I'm definitely using white as the background, probably an English Leicester/Gotland cross, the colour will probably be a Perendale as I have a couple of fleeces of those that aren't white.

I'm also getting ready to do some sewing, winter T's for the boys and a shirt for me for my 1913 servant's challenge.

T-shirt pattern for boys winter clothes

The fabrics I'm using, including some old T-shirts of mine that will be repurposed.
I'm using the shirt pattern on top, sorry it's sideways, it insisted.   I'm not using the collar, just the collar stand

Cotton blend shirting for the servants blouse.
 And I finally found the silk brocade I'll be using for the outside of my corset!   I've still got to handwash it, but the important thing is I found it!
Silk Brocade from pre-child days, was going to be a short skirt, will make a lovely corset instead


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad Ian is feeling better.
Loving that silk!! It'll look wonderful.
Don't you just love a bit of upcycling - you're going to have real fun mixing and matching for those jammies.

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my... that brocade is gorgeous!!!

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