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Saturday, March 05, 2011

A winner and a magazine review.

The winner of the auction for Taimi was JacBer who bid $24.  I've sent you a message via Ravelry to organise donation and postage of the skein of loveliness.  Thank-you to those who bid, those of us in Christchurch appreciate your generosity.

For those interested we're doing ok.  We have power and water back and although the water reeks of chlorine at least we don't have to boil it for most things anymore.  Still have to boil for teeth and drinking, but can use the dishwasher again now and shower too both of which are things we really appreciate.  We got hit by another aftershock this morning, only about 4.1 or thereabouts though, but pretty close and it took the power out.  
All our family now has power back, though my brother and his wife are still unable to use their water as the drains over there are backed up.  Hoping that gets sorted for them soon, especially as there's no portaloo in their street yet.

I'm also having problems loading some websites including the councils earthquake site and any blogs on Wordpress. They're all giving me a 118 time out error.  Can't find any useful information on the net about how to fix it.  I've tried rebooting, clearing cache, cookies etc and even resetting my IP address; all with no luck.  It's not just one browser either, tried Chrome, Rockmelt, Firefox and the awful Internet Explorer all with the same result.   I'm beginning to suspect it's due to the windows update that happened yesterday.

Right, time to stop the depressing stuff, the boring stuff etc and get onto my quarterly Interweave Knits review.  It actually arrived a few days ago and my initial impression after the yippee for getting mail was that it is actually quite a nice magazine this time.   Quite a bit of stuff I'd happily knit if I had time.

Echo Reversible drop-stitch mobius
I think calling this a mobius is stretching the truth a little as it appears to button shut so can be worn as a mobius, but is more of a short scarf.   It's quite a bulky yarn that's used for the pattern; but it's a nice practical wrap.  It's an excerpt from Kristin Omdal's new book A Knitting Wrapsody: Innovative Designs to Wrap, Drape, and Tie

En Pointe Pullover
is knit in a laceweight linen yarn; it has a twisted front for an unusual look and while it's not something I'd feel comfortable wearing, it is an attractive piece on the right person.  I suspect it probably would not look its best on someone with a D cup or greater as the twist would likely accentuate this and it wouldn't drape as it's meant to.

V-Yoke Cardigan
This is a nice wee cardigan, also knit in linen.  It is also drapy with a nice shape at the back where the yoke comes to a V shape and the hem is curved.  The front is a nice clean look; this would be a wonderful summer coverup over a sundress.   If I can find a suitable yarn here in NZ I will probably knit this eventually; I say eventually as there is such a long list of cardigans I want!

Gathered Front Tank
This is one I don't really like; no real waist shaping.  Somehow it looks like a top for a five year old that's been graded up to adult sizing.   It would look really cute on that 5 year old though!

Heliotropic Pullover
I'm not sure about this one,  I like the idea; but it does need a little more shaping in the waist and also the neckline is too wide; I'm feeling urges to pull up the shoulder towards my neck and I'm not even wearing it!

Swirl Crop Jacket
Another one I'm not sure about, I want to like it; but I can't really think of any body type that will look fantastic in it; aside from maybe the 5 year old mentioned earlier.  Maybe with longer sleeves?  As it is the sleeve just doesn't look right with the rest of it to me.

Fearless Fair Isle Knitting
This isn't a pattern, but it's got some good pointers on stranded knitting; I will be referring back to this as I have discovered I love doing stranded knitting and am working my way towards an Alice Starmore jersey.

The Garden Plot Dress
Not having a wee girl to knit for makes me sad, this is a lovely wee pinafore styled dress with some lace inset into it.   If I had a girl, I'd definitely be knitting this dress; it's very cute.

Cranberry Island Throw
I'm not really a throw kind of gal, but if I was going to make one I'd consider this; it's graphic and pretty at the same time.  I do have to say though I kind of feel there should be some X's in there instead of all circles.

Hourglass Pillows
Sorry, not a pillow gal either though they are kind of cute.   We have one cushion in the lounge atm and we're never sure what to do with it; it's always in the way.

Rain on the Prairie Scarf
A nice simple lace scarf; I could see this on a man if slightly longer and in a grey or deep brown.  Would have to be a bloke wearing a suit though or a wool coat.  Can't see it on a farming bloke, he would need heavy cables.

The Leaf and Picot Cardigan
This is pretty, be wonderful in an office where the aircon is perhaps a little on the cooler side.  Or on those evenings in autumn where things just need  a wee warmer.  I'd lengthen the sleeves, but aside from that she's perfect.

Rose Lace Stole
I'm not a stole person, for some reason I prefer shawls, but this is a nice one, the middle would be fairly quick to do and the ends have enough interest.  You could easily add beads for drama too.

Tatiana's Sweater
I love cables and this is really pretty. It still has shape around the waist which is important and I love the neckline; it would have been too wide if they hadn't continued the cable pattern over the shoulder, but they did and it works brilliantly.   This one will be queued!

Drop Mesh Tee
Yuk!  I need say no more

Curvy Squares Tee
I'm not sure about this one, I like the entrelac look, but I think ti might be a little tight on the model in places which is making it ride up and lose her curves.  If the sizing was right this has potential.

Hexagonal Petal Tee
I love this, it's curvy in the right places, lace, but not so much as to be showing all your assets and would be lovely as the top of a knitted wedding outfit.  I want one!

Diminishing Gore Skirt
Another one I'm not sure about, it seems to sit strangely over her background leg.  I don't think I'll be doing this one, there are many other nice skirt patterns out there that beat this one into the ground.

The Pinkerton Shawl
Simple, yet stunning.  This is a shawl I'd consider for a relative who's not lacey, but as it's more of mesh I think she'd be ok with it.  Should be a simple knit as well.

Lara Bubble Top
What makes designers think a top that balloons at the hips is flattering?   Maybe if I was stick thin and didn't have childbearing hips; but I don't fit that criteria and nor do most people I know.  I do like the neck cable though, so might consider stealing that for something else, or even this without the band at the bottom that creates said bubble.  Hmm, thinking about it I'll shift that band up to an empire line and then it should be really cute and flattering.

Draped Vest
Surprisingly I like this, totally impractical, but I want one anyway.  It won't keep you warm, but you'll look good!

Ruched Yoke Tee
Another one I really like, nice shaping and the ruching really works for a tee without being over the top.  Queued.

Gossamer Smocked Tunic
This is nice also, simple and with the "smocking" under the bust it gives a nice gentle shape.  I think this might head towards the favourites, if not queued just yet.

So as you can see I really like this issue, if you're not subscribed then take a look when it comes into your local mag/knitting shop.

My knitting is growing slowly, very slowly this week as I've been catching up with work.  I'm almost halfway through the cabled diamond on the top of my first sock; into section 4 of my Citron and haven't really moved at all on my mitten or either of the bigger projects on the needles.  I've got some Shetland coming from Colourmart to add to the cone I already have to do some colourwork, and a skein of Vintage Purls lace called Biosphere might have decided to come home to me.

Sewing is getting there, no clothes atm, but I do have a patchwork quilt that I'm working on.   I have some more blocks to sew up, then I can start on the sashing.  I'lll do photos later; haven't got a decent one ready to go right now and I really want to get to sewing.


KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

I always like reading your reactions to the latest IK and this one was no exception! Most of your comments I found that I agreed with even though, initially, I didn't really like most of the patterns. I'm not sure that I will be knitting any, soon, for me, though.

Did you notice that there was no waist shaping on the Leaf and Picot Cardigan? Could be tricky to work in, perhaps. I do like this one, though. I liked Tatiana's Sweater, too, but the sleeves seem a little bulky - perhaps because of the cables. Not such a good looks for me, though. Didn't you love how the model was standing when she was wearing the Lara Bubble Top? Perhaps she didn't like the ballooning effect, either?

Thank you, though, for helping to see these patterns with fresh eyes.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for that Kathy; it's nice to be appreciated. I had noticed the no shaping with the Leaf and Picot cardigan, but it seems to sit nicely anyway. If I wanted to add shaping I'd use smaller needles for the waist section, that way the lace pattern would be uninterrupted. I won't be knitting anything from this for a while yet; really need to get some stuff off the needles first; and then I have colourwork that needs to be cast on.

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