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Friday, March 11, 2011

An Important Day

School started back today, we knew Ian was keen as he's already run off twice to go there.   Luckily Thomas found him each time, but it's scary when he does that.   He knows he's not to leave the property, but he's effectively been stuck here for the last 3 weeks and he's bored.  Hopefully now that school's back it'll be better.  George was keen to get back too which was nice.  Thomas working from home should be easier now; it's really hard with 2 bored boys at home as well, especially when Ian doesn't really understand what's going on with Daddy working from home.
Another piece of good news, yesterday I rang the police comms line and gave them the details of Thomas' bike and where it was etc (in the red zone), last night he got a call from and Army Officer who'd spotted it and offered to bring it out for him.   I'm dropping him in town this afternoon before picking the boys up from school so that he can bring his baby home.  I have to say it'll be nice to be a 2 vehicle family again; though of course the amount of exercise he's getting will drop.
Yesterday we had our chimney flue checked by Heating Solutions and it's fine so that's good to know for winter, the guy's coming back tomorrow morning to do the chimney clean for $40, at least this time it's someone who understands the brand of fire we've got and will be able to clean it without stuffing it up, unlike last time.   Once that's done we're pretty much ready for winter which will be good.  Got plenty of wood.


Notknittingsox said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad things are settling down for you after such awful trauma. Judith

Yarn and Ivories said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful reading... This is my first time. I saw your name at Glenna C's post.

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