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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Knitting update

I've finished my One Sided Vest, forgive the photo of me in my PJ's, it looks much better over real clothes
I'm wearing it at the moment as the temperature has dropped today and it's lovely and warm, it's also a great fit.    That's my 3rd garment for the year that counts for Intswemodo2011 and I've cast on for my fourth.  No photo's yet, but it's Diotima Shell.  I'm knitting it up in Noro Silk Mountain yarn in turquoise; another layering piece.   It might have to go on hold yet as I'll be joining a competition on the Colourmart Ravelry group.
I'll be knitting Amory in a lilac DK silk and cashmere yarn by Colourmart.  

Still working on a pair of socks, the mitten pattern I'm designing and my Citron shawl in handspun.   Also my Central Park Hoodie really needs some attention too.  I also have some yarn that was gifted to me by Justine of which I really want to get started on; that's going to be a cowl, a hat and a neckwarmer.   I really need more knitting time, which should be accomplished by less computer time, which somehow was easier to accomplish pre-earthquake.

I have managed some spinning though, no pictures yet but I've finished 100gm of pure bamboo in shades of cinnamon and peach and 100gm of Perendale in denim shades.  Next to spin is probably either the scrappy yarn or else the Suri Alpaca, problem with the Suri is that despite being processed out at Burnham it's still filthy, I'm suspecting he didn't pick it before washing, and just washed it in its dreadlocked form.   It's full of seeds and vegetable matter as well, but being alpaca that's understandable.   Need to spin it outside so that's not happening today.


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