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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Washing day

Doesn't sound very exciting does it?  However it wasn't just clothes washing.  I also washed 2/3 of a brown Perendale fleece; here it is soaking turning the water an icky tan colour
After this it got rinsed 2 times and looked a lot better.  It's currently drying on a rack inside as it got rather windy and I was worried it might disappear into someone elses backyard.  The best bit about washing it though was that the boys are at Grandmas so there was no "assistance" resulting in felting.  I'll wash the rest of this one tomorrow and part of another one too.
I've also been sewing, finally finishing off the pyjamas that have been sitting waiting for some months.  They've gone from flat pieces of fabric to almost finished clothing.  Just got to attach the sleeves, do sideseams, hems and buttonholes on the tops and hem and elastic casing on the bottoms.  The pj's are the result of a stash cleanout, not enough of any fabric for a full pair so they're bitzers.
Tomorrow they'll be all finished and I might get some spinning done, I want to do some more of this

Isn't it pretty?  I'm spinning it fractally, that is the first 100g is being spun as is, the second is being split lengthwise several times for shorter colour changes.  I'll then ply them and they'll end up being a shawl most likely.
Back tomorrow, have a good night everyone.


Joanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Must get on to washing mine!
The spinning is looking lovely too.

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