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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Traders Day

Luckily today George was well enough for school, so I got to go to the spinners and traders day.  I was very restrained and only bought one fleece from Janice Winter
This is a Romney, lovely colour and quite fine for a Romney.

I also got a little alpaca in black and a rich chocolate.  No books, dyed fibre or anything else I shouldn't have got.   No photo of the alpaca I'm afraid, maybe later.   I also got to the heel turn of my sock
Once the heel turn is done I'm on the home stretch as the other sock is finished.

After I got home did a little sewing, Thomas' trousers are as fixed as they're going to get and George almost has 2 more nappy covers, still got to snap them, but that'll happen tomorrow.
This is a double layer PUL, navy outside, white inside so I'm not going to reinforce the wings when I snap them, hopefully the extra layer of polyester will help to make it stronger.  The FOE (fold over elastic) is a lovely plush one, I'm being sparing with when I use this as I can't get it again.

Tonight once Thomas gets home I'm off to the guild to say goodbye to the original owners of Tai Tapu Wool Carders and hopefully meet the new owners who have shifted it to Rolleston.  Apparently the new owners have been well trained, so once they're all set up we should be able to get fleeces done to a high standard again ready for spinning.  I might post again after that.


Anne (I should be sleeping) said... Best Blogger Tips

The sock looks cool - whats the pattern?

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips The pattern is called Spiral Bound as was the first sock club pattern from Morag of Vintage Purls for her winter 2010 collection. It's not yet available for sale, but she usually releases them about 6 months to a year after initial release.
It is a lovely pattern, though I'm not using her yarn for it this time.

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