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Monday, October 11, 2010

Stormy Catamount

It's finally finished and blocking!   Did the grafting of the underarms this morning and wove in all the ends as well.  It fits well and it's nice and warm as well.   I've given it a wash and a light block as it doesn't need a heavy one.
I've got a photo pre-blocking and one of me wearing it pre-blocking.  Will get DH to take one of it after blocking on me tomorrow hopefully.
Here she is!

Sorry about the photo with me wearing it, very hard to get a good one with the camera on timer.   I found the buttons in my stash, they're a deep rust with a gold centre and look really good with it.
Now onto the Whisper Cardigan, which I've called "A Whisper of Earthquakes" seeing as it was cast on during our aftershock period.   I need to get the Whisper done as it'll be a great light cardi for spring and summer.
I still have to work on my Central Park Hoodie and my One Sided vest, plus 2 pairs of socks, but I might cast something else on after I've finished Whisper.  I need to make something for my brother, maybe some fingerless gloves for when he's gaming, I also need to do some socks for Thomas and of course a shawl of some kind as well......
So many knits and so little time, plus of course there's sewing to do, gardening to do and housework.  Is it any wonder the housework is a little behind?   I did get some done today though, put a lot of paper into the recycling bin, caught up on the washing and reduced one of the paper piles.  Tomorrow will be some sewing (not nappies, need some more fabric for them) and some knitting and some gardening if the weather cooperates.  I definitely get more done when the boys are back at school though!
Hope you all had a good day and I'll be reporting back tomorrow.


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