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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

From tomorrow

I'm starting my resolutions a little early and in fact this year I'm changing them from resolutions to a plan.

1.  Health:  The biggie and I'm talking physical health here.
I have started making smoothies, unfortunately this is going to increase the vege bill a bit till the garden gets growing properly.    Today's was a fruit smoothie cos it's my birthday and it was made by my eldest.  Tomorrow I'm back to the green ones, will have to check if Dh bought me some spinach today.  Today is the last day for sugar, warning there may be a grumpy bear in the house for the next week.

Exercise is a big sticking point for me.   I know I need to, but usually I just don't.   I'll be trying to fit something in each day to help with the RSI and my health.

2.  Spending:  I did some today, but it was new undies for Dh and some figures for him.   I sold my e-spinner yesterday and am going to endeavour to keep the money in the account and not just spend it.   No more yarn or fabric or fibre unless it's for a specific project which I don't have sufficient yarn/fibre/fabric on hand for.  There is one exception, I got a voucher today from my parents (thanks mum and dad) for The Fabric Store which will likely be spent on Saturday on something pretty.
Concentrating on the mortgage again.

3.  Crafting:   There are some things I want to work on this year. 
-I want to finish all my knitting WIP's and am not allowing any new cast on's for anything except my travel knitting till they're all done.
-I need to finish the king bed quilt, it's been sitting around for a few years now and it'd be nice if it was done for winter 2015
-On weaving I need to do the mohair rug and I got more yarn for that today (thanks mum!), so if the first one goes smoothly I might make another.   There's more weaving projects as well of course.
-Spinning - I have a bin with 12 fibres of over 2oz each to spin over the next 12 months; as well as that there is the current perendale and my East Fresian and silk blend to do too; they come first.
I dyed the EF/S today in teal, might be carding it I think and try corespinning
-Sewing - there needs to be some everyday sewing.   I need more workout gear and more everyday stuff to wear.  So do the boys.   There are plans for more historical clothing, had been thinking about 1805 but am now thinking maybe 1600's so I can look at the SCA.   Maybe both eventually, but not this year as both will need new support garments as well as the actual dress.   Hmm, should I go earlier and make a dress that doesn't need stays.....


Kura Carpenter said... Best Blogger Tips

A very simple and quick but effective exercise is something from childhood - skipping/jumping rope. :)

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