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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Well, I didn't get some things done, the original plan involved making a spiced apple cake, and not hitting my thumb with a tree and having to have bark extracted from the nail bed.   Never mind, it doesn't hurt a lot now so I've got some knitting and spinning done.   Casting on a new pair of socks for travel knitting; trying something I saw on Ravelry where a 2-colour yarn was knit up with all one colour knit and the other colour purled, I thought it was a great way to treat the yarn.   The yarn I'm using is one I dyed ages ago in dark green and purple to look like an iris.  Purple will purl and green is knit.

Before I cast on anything aside from the travel socks though I need to finish other stuff.   I need to finish the test knit which is getting closer, one edge is complete
The edge on the bottom of the photo needs doing and the tassles on the narrow end
I finished the last pair of travel socks last night, the yarn seemed to have a little prickle factor to me when I wore them for a short time, hopefully that'll reduce with wear.   They are very slippery on the hard floors though, more so than my usual hand knit socks.
Hermione's Everyday Socks blended with a double gusset heel.
I used my new lace kit for Esme as well, 20WPI 2-plied laceweight yarn is the result using a merino/silk blend
Yummy laceweight, will probably be a pair of mitts, or possibly a hat. 225m total.
George has got started on his first warp on his loom, the heddles are all threaded and next will be the reed and tying it off
This will be a scarf
And there might have been some yarn arriving as well, I hadn't planned to originally but then I sold my Little Grace Special wheel so there was yarn and Xbox games; don't think you need to see the games, but here's the yarn!
Red Utiku Possum yarn, this will be a jersey; probably Ease

The purple Max is new, it's to go with the teal and grey and will be a Pixelated Pullover

This was an impulse purchase, it has pinky tones and is probably going to be a Pirate Danger and has gold sparkles in it

More merino and possum type yarn, not sure what this is for yet, but it may well be another jersey, this will be the main colour

and this will be the contrast

Rainbow top, I was lucky to get this.
I think that's it for now.  I'll be warping up the loom in the holidays but can't start weaving till my tail detangler arrives (for horse tails, but apparently really good on brushed mohair).


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Nom, nom, lovely projects and yarn! The shawl is gorgeous!!!! I found that the possum socks soften up amazingly after washing. Perhaps you have already found that out?

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