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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

How am I going?

1.  Health:  Sugar has been massively reduced.   First hot chocolate in a week today and one lolly offered by youngest.   On the exercise front, yesterday I climbed a big hill (the track to the old Akaroa Pa) and walked sufficiently at Akaroa and Birdlings Flat to have sore feet.   Today I also helped shift a bunch of pavers for a friend of ours.

 2.  Spending:  Well, the E-spinner money is gone, but I feel it's in a good cause.  I now have a macro lens for the camera (which I've been wanting since I got the camera) and a new GPS to replace the very frustrating old one.   Harvey Norman had a very good 5 year interest free deal, it won't take anywhere near that long to pay it off, but all my spending money for the next while is spoken for.   It won't affect the main budget though so it's all good.

3.  Crafting:   I'm still trying to decide which era to go for.  I want to make a kirtle so I can go to next year's SCA event, don't have time to do it before this year's one and I'd have to make trousers and smock for each of the menfolk as well.  Good thing about this I only need to make a shift for underwear, no corset.
I also want to do early 1800's cos I love the styles and can see me wearing them now for my day to day wear, and then there's the bustle era which works well for steampunk.   There is a steampunk group in Christchurch too.   For the second 2 I need to do corsets; both different shapes, plus petticoats (also different shapes) etc.   The other difficulty is I will be losing weight due to the removal of sugar so I need to keep that in mind too.

My question for you, should I go Regency or Bustle Era?
This is the sort of shape I like in Regency

And an absolutely gorgeous bustle era dress
I wouldn't necessarily be making these particular dresses, but it gives you an idea; which first?


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Personally, I prefer Regency.

Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

regency =)

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