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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tired, but happy. Blogtoberfest #27!

Hard to believe it's October 27th already!

Very busy day today, no spinning or knitting, but I got enough done that I am whacked!

Spent two hours flushing the cars brake fluid with the help of my BIL (thanks Mike!), last night I made chocolate brownies especially for him, though I think I forgot to tell him that.   I jacked up the car, removed one wheel and put it back on later, learned quite a bit and the car now has new brake fluid in all 4 brakes.  The old stuff was quite dark.

I unlocked a DVD that locked itself in its case, it's the second one to do it but we don't know why.  The first time we broke open the case, but this time I found a couple of very strong magnets and did it the other way; now we can watch Harry Potter's final movie again.  The magnets that worked were from the boys shaker torches; I've now stolen them (they don't really work very well now) and will keep them in reserve for future DVD lockouts.

I tried out the test pots on our eaves and gable today.   The colours I chose are perfect, so now I've just got to get the paint and prep everything.    I can do all the gables except the one I test painted on today; can't do that one as it has earthquake damage so has to be repaired first.
The colour on the right is the original (I hate it), the one on the left is the new one and we love it!  
I think once it's painted the whole house will look really good.  Might have to paint the gutters too, they're coloursteel, but it's degraded a bit.

I got the quilt basted together using the 505 spray and it worked well, I think my can last time was well past its use by date.   I've put a few pins in, but not many.  Started on the lawn but then had to do the rest inside as the wind got up when I started putting the back on.  Hopefully there's not too much lawn in it.
All ready to go.

Caught Ian up on the swing yesterday, not quite where you normally expect him to be, see what I mean?
When I said "up on the swing" I really did mean UP!

Got some more gardening done today, after yesterday's epic driveway weed I got some weeding done in the raspberry patch; more scratches received by me.   Lawn has been mown again too, we're now at the point where it needs doing every week.  It does look good once it's done.  Seedlings are growing, though some seem to have stalled, might have to buy tomato plants after all.

Tomorrow if the weather holds I'll probably go to boot camp, but I'll make T stay at home to rest his knee I think.  If it's raining then I'll stay home and either quilt, knit or spin.   I think I've earned a break.


Mummyzilla said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds like a fulfilling, albeit busy day!

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