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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Final Blogtoberfest

I got the ribbing finished on Central Park Hoodie last night!    Should start moving more quickly now, well at least until I start the next shawl KAL.
Lovely, I really want to get this finished; it's holding me back.
I dressed for Wardrobe Wednesday today.  I decided I really wanted to do the 50's look.   So full circle skirt, crinoline petticoat, and I wore a t-shirt which isn't really retro, but on a warm day is comfy.   I need some button shirts that fit me to finish the look.
T-shirt and skirt both made by me
Crinoline from the US
Cardigan from WEFT Knitting Co a few years back, great for spring layering
Shoes from the NZ Sale website, Shoe Planet is the brand.

I had lots of positive comments on this outfit today and I love the noises it makes!

I did go to Stitch today and got the thread I need for George's quilt and I've promised to take it in to show off once it's finished too.

Had a delivery today too, ages ago I ordered a trolley bag to replace our roll bag which isn't very well.   This also came from the NZ Sale website and will be used by everyone in the house.  The boys for school camps, Thomas might use it if he heads up to Wellington or Auckland for several days on work and I'll use it for my craft camps.
Not expanded yet, hate the colour, but for $60 I'm not going to complain, it does the job.
Tomorrow I'll be starting that quilting, I promise!

Finally I'd like to say to all those in the US affected by the hurricane, I hope you're all ok and that recovery is quick.  I know for some it won't be and I feel for you, after the Christchurch earthquakes I have a greater appreciation for what people go through after a natural disaster.

Wardrobe Wednesday


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the skirt and I would so love a 'proper' crinoline to make my dresses go out. Fun colours too.

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