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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Of Wardrobe Wednesday and Garages

This months theme is handmade for Wardrobe Wednesday; I didn't know this when I got dressed this morning, but I'm still wearing handmade! 
You've seen this skirt before; it's a tiered skirt I made to replaced my old faithful skirt and I love it!   It's lighter weight fabric than the original,but I'm wearing my handmade bloomers under it so that doesn't matter.   The top is bought, but embellished by me using some velvet iron-ons.

Wardrobe Wednesday at

In other news we had a visit yesterday evening from the builder who's demolishing the garage to say he was going to start the next day!    This is one whole day sooner than we'd expected so there was a last minute rush to pull everything out and put it all in the deck until the car can go on the drive again; when we'd finished it looked like this:

Empty aside from a few bits of approved rubbish
The lean-to; empty aside from Thomas's bike.

Now, it looks like this:
Roofing iron gone, garage door gone, very open!

Lean to isn't really a lean-to anymore.
I'm expecting by the end of the day we'll have a skip in the turning bay, no more roof trusses and be all ready for tomorrow with no power all day!   Got hold of the EQC chap today too, he's definitely going to recommend we get paid out according to their formula, so I got him to note down the extra bits he needs to add (door opener, caravan plug etc) and he'll email me with the details.  Once we've got our quotes then he'll meet with us to discuss any difference in plans.   He wasn't interested in our quotes until I advised him that we'd got quotes for replacement as well as the new building we wanted; then it was worth him looking at as it's the same building as he's got a price for.  Apparently it will take a while for that payment to arrive; can't say that surprises me, I'll just have to do a lot of ringing and chasing; not like I'm new to that!

We did get to rescue a couple of bits from the actual structure too, I wasn't expecting that.  FIL will be getting a new light for his workbench (old really, but new to him) and he'll likely get the spare tubes we have as well.  We also got 4 bits of roofing iron so we can roof the kids playhut properly too.  They'll like that once it's done.    We still need some more treated ply to finish it, but once we have that it'll be pretty quick to do; just have to wait till we can get rid of the old washing machine as that's being stored in there.  Come May that'll go though.


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

exciting demo work!! Love the colours in your skirt and that you embellish stuff you buy and make it personalised!

Notchka said... Best Blogger Tips

Ditto re the embellished top and you're smiling today - very nice! I wish they would get on and demo our garage. Its attached to the house though! Must be nice to get on and get stuff fixed :)

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