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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Gone, all gone

Today our garage disappeared.   I took some wonderful photo's and some great video, but as all the video has the builders faces at some point I don't feel right posting that.   I've gone hunting through the photo's for those which don't show faces and here they are:
Digging the trench to get the old power cable out and move it to the house.  Everything went through the garage and then to the house.

Taking down the north wall

Almost done!

That's our garage on that truck!

All that's left
So now it's a matter of getting a few more quotes; well, 2 actually.   Waiting on Skyline who are drawing them up and Versatile to actually come and take a look.  No real decisions can be made until those are received.  At that point we have a meeting with the EQC chap and see what figures he's using and make sure they will cover replacement.

Hopefully now I might have time to do some crafting!    I'm 1.75" off dividing for the sleeves for George's vest and it's looking good.  Now, if I could find my 4mm metal tips I'm sure it would be going faster, but they're hiding really well atm.

I'm also going to be doing some more work with this:
This is the second jelly roll of Arnold's Attic which will be turning into our king sized quilt; these are the blocks that I'm going to be making a heap more of:
It's all covered in fluff atm, but that will be cleaned up later; all the blocks are random which I really like.

A couple of things arrived today, I ordered a new cover for my Kindle as the one I'd made wasn't really supportive enough so I ordered an Oberon cover which is embossed leather.   Since I was paying post anyway I got a new hairclip as well and another wee item meant for hair, but I'm going to use it on my shawls instead.
My thistle hair clip; love this though it is hard to get a photo of when you're wearing it.

This is the one that'll be used on my shawls

My Oberon cover; isn't it gorgeous?
I won't be buying anything new for a while, my spending money for the next month went into this, but it was very much worth it!


kiltsnquilts said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your Kindle seriously considering one myself but having trouble deciding on a design ;-) Good idea to use the hair clip as a shawl pin.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

It took me a while to work out what I wanted; I chose colour first and then went through a bunch of tabs comparing; each round I'd remove one until I ended up with the above design. I decided it was timeless which is important to me

kiltsnquilts said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, the process of elimination seems the best bet - with a Scottish husband and both sons born in Edinburgh (plus I am a kilt maker) I love the Celtic designs but they seem a bit obvious for me. I would really love a purple one but the designs I love don't all come in purple.......wish they would make all designs in all colours, would solve a lot of problems Lol - perhaps I should ask?! I am thinking either purple paisley or blue hummingbirds at the moment.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

My husband is of Scottish extraction and so am I which is why I chose the one I did, as well as the thistle hairclip. Thomas' father was born in GB as was my Mum. I seriously considered the paisley too; love that sort of design, but paisley is something I've recently come to whereas the Celtic designs have always been a favourite.
One day we'll have to get Thomas a kilt in his plaid, but it's something that isn't in the budget atm.

Seaside Siblings said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, isn't it amazing how quick they can demolish something, I guess they are getting pretty skilled at it now though.

Love the colour your using on the vest, it is one of my favs.

Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

They are lovely - Love the clip and brooch to be!

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