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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Yesterday was busy, despite the immediate garage drama being over I had a guild meeting in the morning which was I think fairly productive despite some setbacks with the other group we are looking at getting rooms with.   I won't go into that, at least until I know the outcome.  

I made up one batch of cooked apple to freeze; want to make apple pies this winter, thanks to my MIL I had a big bag of cooking apples; half of them have now been used.   Will have to finish that off this week.

I won an auction for a guitar; George may have an opportunity to learn at school so I asked his grandfather who sent us links to a couple of auctions.    He is now the proud owner of a 3/4 size classical guitar; it came with a bag, but the bag is pretty stuffed.    Thinking of making one, but not quite decided yet.   He had a wee strum on it this morning, he's taken one string out of tune, but it still sounds pretty good.

I've finished one side of the front of George's vest and am partway up the back between the armholes.  I should do more, but I've just crashed and feel a bit icky.  I'm putting it down to the release from immediate garage stress; and maybe that my body knows I'll be following up on garage quotes again tomorrow.   Feeling really tired and slight nausea; I get the latter when tired.   Going to get a bit of work done and see how I feel after that.


kiltsnquilts said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope you feel better soon and get over your 'garageitis' :-) If your hubby ever wants a kilt I might have to visit for a fitting/delivery ;-)

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Feeling a bit better after some gardening exercise. Btw, how much does a kilt cost? I'm sitting down atm so as good a time as any to find out, lol.

kiltsnquilts said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad you feeling better after some therapeutic garden time. Hope you are still sitting down? I haven't checked on tartan prices in a few years so not sure if the cost has gone up (probably!) but the last kilt I made I charged $950. When I looked on McPhees website last (Wellington) their kilts were over $1000.

Now you have picked yourself up off of the floor Lol.... ;-)

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Definitely a little more than our budget can stand atm, lol. Something to consider somewhat later I think.

kiltsnquilts said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally understand :-)

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