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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Normally I don't really do this, but there are a couple of things I need to make sure I follow through with this year.

1.  Eat better - I'm going to be trying a new way of eating following food combining principles, it'll be starting midway through January; this also involves stopping eating sweets.

2.  Exercise more - this is like the eating health related; I'm sure it'll help my IBS as well as my overall wellbeing and maybe my midriff too which is a bit bigger than I like.    I really need to lose 15kg to get back to my ideal weight of 60kg

3.  More sewing, knitting, quilting which will also mean less computer time.  I've already taken one step towards this by cutting out my Facebook games, still have to reduce my Ravelry and blog reading time so I'll be reducing the number of groups on Rav and blogs that I follow.

4.  More time doing family stuff and working on the house.   The latter is difficult to decide on until after Fletchers have done their bit and we've got no idea when that'll happen either.  First thing is to make up the insect screens tomorrow and get them in place.  Then we'll have windows we can open without that darned cat coming in and also no more flies!

5.  Reduce my spending further.   So, no more yarn, books, fabric, notions, cameras etc unless needed.   There may be one lot of yarn to make a coat that I really want to make and of course the voucher at Knitworld to spend.  I'm getting a Kindle with the money from Mum and Dad which will mean if I do need a book I won't have to pay for postage from Amazon which is good.  There may also need to be a DVD recorder as it looks like our old one is having some issues and it's well past warranty now.   Hoping that'll be all though.

6.  Get the garden under control and keep it that way; this involves convincing DH that we don't need that weed infested area near the fence to be anything other than grass; then I can just mow it once a week and it'll look a whole lot better.   And we'll be able to use the edging on it for raised beds for the vege plot.

Tomorrow I might also do my birthday post; which I should have done yesterday.    Most of the day wasn't great despite Thomas' best efforts cos our boys both got replaced by trolls.   As a result today there has been no TV/electronic entertainment.  WOW was really cool, but you can't take any photo's so nothing to show you.  I took a couple outside the museum so I'll download those for your viewing pleasure.   I also got quite a few in town, practicing with my camera's focus etc which was nice.
We went out to dinner to Rossendales and had a very nice meal there, love that place!   My birthday present from Thomas is going to be a contribution towards my camera and the rest of what I need to get my Kindle.


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