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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Geez it's hot!

No walk today, but Thomas took the boys off to the Dojo to watch someone with one of those floating shark things and play around.  Gave me a good 2 hours of just me which meant I got my shorts pattern copied and the fabric cut out

I spotted a few more things in the sewing room I thought I should show you; first of all is the pile of work I have to do before the 16th Jan
That's a full-height wardrobe and it's stuffed up to the hangers, with more on the floor; it's about a metre wide.  In future when I'm on leave I'll say no to taking work home; sure I do need the money, but this is ridiculous!
I found some fabric and yarn I haven't shown off here before; I've had it for a wee while, but not put it on Ravelry or shown it off here.
Fat quarter bundle of Kona Solids

3 yards of Kona solids
 Getting decent quilting solids is really hard to find here in New Zealand; Fabric Vision has what they call Homespun which is 100% cotton, but not the best quality.   It's not the worst either, but still I wanted some decent stuff.  Might get the colour cards at some point, but they're not cheap either.  I get most of my plains from Fat Quarter Shop in the US; their shipping is not too bad and their prices are usually ok too.  I've looked for plains in quilting shops here and most that I've found are part of some other range, never seen the Kona ones.
Mythral by Stansborough Wools.  This is going to be a tam using a stranded colourwork at the transition between top and bottom; I'm partway through designing.

John Q Merino Possum sockwool, this is a recycled yarn and feels quite harsh before knitting and washing; but it blooms nicely, just like the top quality yarn at work.

This is what I spent my voucher at The Loopy Ewe on, well this and a circular needle I wanted to try.  This is Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock
I didn't get any knitting done today, but did finish patching the bottoms of Thomas' socks.  He loves them incredibly now!
I had the leather lying around so just cut to fit and then sewed it on while Thomas was wearing the socks to make sure that it fit correctly.

While no knitting happened I did make a decision about my next shawl; I had been going to do the Seaside Shawlette but decided it wasn't really me; instead I'm going to do Frangipani which is much more me.   I'm using pink yarn and need to get beads to go with it; hope to do that tomorrow.


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