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Saturday, May 07, 2011

A mouse in the house!

Not any more, but last night Star was paying a whole heap of attention to the hall cupboard; when after an hour she was still there I figured it had to be more than just a toy.   I closed all the doors into the hall and then pulled out the various boxes in the bottom of the hall cupboard; sure enough a wee mouse made his appearance.
Star caught him, but wouldn't then come out of the cupboard.  I'm ok with her having a mouse, but outside is best so I kept trying to get her out and of course she dropped it!   Streaky mouse across the hall, under the bookcase, sigh.
I had to get an old coathanger and bang it around under there (after closing the cupboard door) until he streaked out again.   Took a couple of tries, but I managed to catch him by the tail; took him in to show to Thomas and his gaming buddies before taking a very frightened but very active mouse out to the compost heap.   If I see him again it'll be death, but as I figure Star probably brought him inside in the first place he deserved a second chance.
I did have a very confused kitten for an hour or so afterwards though!


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