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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Children, the wakeup call

This is a picture free post for the first bit; you really don't want to see it.

Just had a most unwelcome wake up call, a little person snuck into bed with us and when I asked him why he said "Mummy I threw up".   So he went into the shower, while I went into the bedroom and then got Dh up to help.   It was an "oh boy!" upchuck.   I'll be up for a bit longer while the rinse cycle deals with the worst affected bits, then I can put some of the other bits in for a full wash.   2 duvets need washing, from now on whether he likes it or not he's having covers on his duvets.  He also managed to get his pillow despite the pillow protector.   He thinks he's done throwing up now (I really hope he's right) and is back to bed with the spare blankets.

No school tomorrow and I'll have to strip George's bed too as he dripped on that on the way down; I've sponged it off as G was fully asleep.

Later today I might post my Interweave Knits review, right atm though I'm waiting for the washing machine and to see if there's any further washing required.   I don't think there'll be much sleep tonight so I may even wait another day before doing the IK post as I'm not sure how coherent I'll be later today.


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