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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The concrete weekend

Last weekend was very busy, I didn't go to spinning simply so we could get our concreting done. The area we're concreting started off as an interlocking paver covered weed section and a weedy throughway to the shed.   It's now a nicely concreted area, with a 1.5' gap where we ran out of concrete.   So tomorrow I'm picking up more cement, builders mix and have booked the mixer in again for Sunday to get it finished.   We'll also get the last 8 piles for the deck concreted in and then the deck is all we have to finish outside.

Saturday had a slight hiccup in the evening though, DH went to get fish and chips with eldest and some idjit ran into them on a roundabout.   So I have been organising panelbeaters and insurance etc this week.  Also started losing oil, luckily that turned out to simply be a faulty oil filter which was free to fix.   The panelbeater can't get the car in till 30th March, but once he realised we have 2 children he's offered a courtesy car for a smaller fee than normal.   I said we couldn't really afford $20 +GST per day, but I was wondering how we'd cope for a week or so with no car.  Luckily he's offered us a Kia something or other for $50 total.  Going to get the car and George fitted for a new carseat tomorrow and then fax the quote to the insurance company.  Once that's approved then it's all plain sailing insurance wise.  I'll be really glad once it's all done though.

Inside I'm working on the bathroom area still, wallpaper is all off and I've finished patching holes and things.  Sanding tomorrow, including the wood if I have time.   Then on Monday I'll seal the gib while Ian's at Grandma's.  Then it's lots more painting, before we can get the vinyl tiles laid.  Haven't heard back on the shower room yet, so not much to report there aside from the fact that we're not going with a full wet room, $7000 is a bit too much to spend.

On the crafting side I finally have my electronic spinning wheel sorted so I'll be plying the 8 bobbins for my jersey which will tell me if I've spun enough or not.  If I have then I get dyeing as brownish grey isn't really a flattering colour on me.  Also got to read the instructions for my spinning course too, the fibre isn't here yet but it's been paid for so I hope it's not too far away.  I'd like to get it washed before the winter sets in.


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