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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Duck goes quack

I heard the first quack today, so it looks like Sam is a girl, still only peeping from Jade, but fingers crossed.  Both are just starting to get feathers on the wing tips, can just see this cute little brown tufty bits appearing.  They're still coming indoors at night for the moment so the laundry is a touch funky first thing, but aside from that I'm really enjoying the duck thing.   They're not what I'd call friendly yet, but I'm getting better at catching them to pop them in their day or night cage.   Will have to go and get some grit tomorrow as well as some other food.

I do wish the local cats hadn't spotted them though, atm I have to keep them in the run during the day as the cats are eyeing them up and dreaming of duck dinner.   They should be ok in a few weeks as they'll be big enough to make the cats rethink.   The main thing is I don't want to lose one as I need at least 2 ducks so they'll be happy.  Ducks don't do well by themselves.


Sam said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY --- your ducks are growing up!

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